Top Halloween Costumes for 2023: From Barbie to Spider-Man

Wondering what to wear this Halloween? Discover the top trending costumes of the year, from Barbie and Spider-Man to Wednesday Addams.

Barbie, Spider-Man, and Wednesday Addams are among the most Googled costumes this year.
Unique spins on popular costumes can help you stand out from the crowd.
A wide range of options exists, from pop culture references to classic spooky characters.

Barbie Makes a Comeback: Not Just a Doll Anymore

barbie costume

Barbie is all the rage, especially after her movie raked in a billion bucks at the box office. You’ll likely bump into another Barbie at any Halloween event you go to. So how can you stand out? 

Simple, go for a unique Barbie look. Have you considered dressing up as Kate McKinnon’s “Weird Barbie”? It’s fresh, colorful, and not something you’ll see everywhere. If Barbie’s not your thing, why not pick a Ken look? Options are plenty, from a Ryan Gosling-inspired leather vest to Ncuti Gatwa’s vibrant workout outfit.

Got a knack for the unusual? Why not go meta and dress up as something related to the Barbie movie universe, like its director Greta Gerwig?

The Atomic Appeal of Oppenheimer


After Barbie’s massive success, it’s hard to ignore the “Oppenheimer” film. Though it’s not a top Google search, it’s got its own unique charm. You could go for the classic look of J. Robert Oppenheimer, the man behind the atomic bomb. All you need is a suit, tie, and a serious gaze. Feeling creative? Try blending Barbie and Oppenheimer into one quirky “Barbenheimer” outfit. The sky’s the limit!

Spider-Man Swings Back: A Web of Choices


Spider-Man is another hot pick, especially with the new movie “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.” The classic superhero look is an easy win, but why not spice it up? You could go as Spider-Punk or even Dad Peter Parker in his comfy pink bathrobe. Both are cool and will give you a unique spin on a well-known character.

Wednesday Addams: The Return of the Iconic Goth Girl

Wednesday Addams

Missed out on dressing as Wednesday Addams last year? Now’s your chance. She’s back in the spotlight, and this is the perfect time to sport her iconic look. With her twin braids and no-nonsense glare, you’re sure to make an impression.

Bear With Us: The Wild Card Costume

kid in bear costume

Last but not least, consider going as a bear. Yes, a bear. It’s a versatile choice. You could go realistic, like “Fat Bear Week” winner 128 Grazer, or go for a pop culture twist with a bear character from the TV show “The Bear.” With a simple apron and bear ears, you’ll be the talk of the party.

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