Casino Swindle: A $200,000 Dice Sliding Scheme in Vegas Exposed

Four Las Vegas residents apprehended for alleged casino fraud using a dice sliding technique.
The accused are alleged to have manipulated the electronic craps table at The Cosmopolitan over a six-day period in December 2021.
The technique of dice sliding involves maintaining the original position of dice to influence the game's outcome.
All defendants deny the allegations and have been released on personal recognizance bonds, with a hearing set for June 1.

Unveiling the Plot: Deception at The Cosmopolitan

In the heart of Las Vegas, within the enigmatic walls of The Cosmopolitan, a startling sequence of events is set into motion. Four unsuspecting individuals, now entangled in the laws of the city that never sleeps, are thrust into an intriguing tale of trickery and deceit at the craps table.

Meet the Players: Antcharaporn Kamonlert, Hau Duc Ngo, Max Edward Rappoport, and Oscar Ovidio Rodriguez Alvarado – the unlikely protagonists of this unfolding drama. Their alleged weapon of choice? A contentious technique known as ‘dice sliding.’

Through a calculated orchestration of bets and gestures, this quartet stands accused of exploiting the complex interplay between the physical dice and electronic interface of Azure’s craps table. The potential winnings from such a scheme? A staggering $200,000.

Yet, our alleged offenders remain steadfast in their denial of the charges, setting the stage for a gripping legal face-off.

‘Dice Sliding’ Unmasked

For those who have not ventured into the shadowy corners of gambling, ‘dice sliding’ might sound like a harmless pastime. Yet, in the world of casinos, it represents a stealthy practice that blends skill, precision, and an audacious sense of bravado.

The accused are thought to have deployed this technique over six fateful days in December 2021, expertly manipulating the dice to maintain their original positions – and to tilt the odds in their favor.

Four gamblers have been arrested after winning $225,000 at The Cosmopolitan. The group is accused of cheating via “dice sliding” on a Roll to Win electronic craps table.

— Las Vegas Locally 🌴 (@LasVegasLocally) May 25, 2023

Justice in the Balance

As our protagonists stand before the scales of justice, the weight of their potential transgressions looms large. Charges of fraudulent acts in a gaming establishment and cheating at a gambling game place their futures in the balance.

Yet, in the swirling maelstrom of accusations and denials, the defense remains unshaken. The accused’s attorneys rally to their cause, urging the world to let justice run its course and placing their trust in the impeccable track records of their clients.

Kamonlert and Ovidio, represented by the same attorney, are charged with six felony counts each of committing a fraudulent act in a gaming establishment and cheating at a gambling game.

Waiting for the Verdict

As we await the culmination of this high-stakes saga, set for June 1, Las Vegas – the city of dreams and despair – holds its collective breath. Will our accused walk free, or will they face the full force of the law?

The case of the Cosmopolitan Casino Dice Slide – a true tale of ambition, cunning, and potential deception – serves as a stark reminder of the perils lurking in the glittering heart of Las Vegas. As this saga unfolds, the ripple effects will echo through the vibrant world of casino gambling, forever altering our understanding of security and fairness.

In this article, we delve into the startling revelations behind the recent arrests at The Cosmopolitan, a prestigious casino on the Las Vegas Strip. 

The accused, four men, have found themselves on the wrong side of the law for allegedly making use of a crafty dice sliding technique to rake in over $200,000 at the craps table, a claim they vehemently deny.

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