Crypto Gambling Sponsorship – Chelsea Fans Stand Against

Explore the Chelsea FC’s potential sponsorship faces backlash from fans, citing concerns about club integrity and crypto-gambling influence.

Chelsea fans have voiced strong opposition against a potential shirt sponsorship deal with, an online crypto-gambling platform.
The Chelsea Supporters' Trust calls for a more transparent dialogue with the club's board, arguing that the proposed sponsorship clashes with Chelsea FC's values and reputation.
The majority of surveyed fans disagree with the proposed sponsorship, underlining a need for re-evaluation and consideration of the club's social responsibility and ethical standings.

Chelsea’s Loyal Fans Challenge Proposed Crypto Gambling Sponsorship

In the buzzing world of football, the Chelsea fanbase has made a powerful statement. They’ve voiced a fervent opposition to a looming shirt sponsorship with, a crypto casino that proudly announces its place as a leading figure in the world of crypto gambling. This apparent revolt among Chelsea’s supporters sparks a conversation about the interplay between football, gambling, and cryptocurrency.

As Chelsea’s current deal with mobile company Three winds down, the club had initially set its sights on the American streaming service, Paramount+. However, the Premier League has obstructed this move, fearing the potential ripple effects on TV rights holders.

Amidst Increasing Disapproval, Chelsea Turns to Crypto Gambling

While the club had hoped for a new venture, they now find themselves navigating an unexpectedly turbulent sea of fan disapproval. Their current plan, it seems, is to negotiate an advanced one-year shirt sponsorship deal with This comes despite an imminent ban on gambling shirt sponsorship set to kick off after the 2025-26 season.

What’s causing the uproar? A Chelsea Supporters’ Trust survey reveals the magnitude of the discontent: a whopping 77% of fans expressed their disagreement or strong disapproval of the proposed deal with Stake.

In a firmly worded statement, the Chelsea Supporters’ Trust cautioned that such a sponsorship would undermine the efforts of the Chelsea Foundation. These include pioneering workshops on gambling harm awareness in west London schools. “Such a move would ridicule our good work,” the statement read, “leading our members to question the sincerity of future CFC Foundation initiatives.”

A Plea for Transparency and Respect for Club Values

The Chelsea Supporters’ Trust has sent out an appeal to the club’s board, urging an open dialogue regarding the decision. They highlighted the timing of the deal, questioning why it took until June to establish the new sponsor. Furthermore, they critiqued the idea of an online casino and betting company being the primary shirt sponsor, calling it incongruous with Chelsea FC’s aspiration of becoming a ‘world class’ organization.

While acknowledging the club’s need for diversified revenue streams, the Trust emphasized the importance of not compromising the club’s values. “We understand the drive for increased revenue, but this must not overshadow our core principles,” the statement argued.

As the discussion around this controversial sponsorship unfolds, it’s evident that the fans, the very lifeblood of Chelsea FC, are clamouring for a reconsideration of this move. And as cryptocurrency and online gambling continue to surge, the question remains: what does the future hold for football, its clubs, their supporters, and these emergent industries?

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