Legalising Online Casinos In France ? Is really it happening?

In today’s article, we’ll delve into the novel proposal to legalize online casinos in France. 

Spearheaded by Philippe Latombe of the Democratic Movement party, this groundbreaking bill could reshape the face of the French gambling landscape.

Bill 1248 proposes a regulated online casino market in France, with a five-year moratorium for national operators.
Following the moratorium, the market would open to other interested parties, offering a variety of online casino games.
The bill seeks to provide a safe gambling environment for consumers and generate additional tax income for the country.
The global transformation of the casino industry is nudging France towards considering legal online casinos.

Online Casino in France: A Paradigm Shift

In a move set to transform the face of French gaming, a new bill has been proposed, laying the groundwork for the legalisation of online casinos in France.

This innovative proposition, known as Bill 1248, is the brainchild of Philippe Latombe from the Democratic Movement party.

Intended to reshape the nation’s gambling landscape, the bill’s central suggestion revolves around a ‘five-year moratorium’ – a temporary but critical period allowing online casino gambling to become legal for ‘national actors’.

The long-term vision for the bill is to broaden the market after this period, thereby welcoming other interested operators into the online casino domain.

Justification for Change: Consumer Protection and Economic Benefits

In recent years, the digital world has witnessed a pronounced shift in players’ habits, with many expressing a clear preference for online gambling.

France’s current stance, however, considers online casinos illegal, compelling French consumers to resort to offshore, unlicensed sites, devoid of protective measures.

Bill 1248 aims to address this issue head-on, arguing that legalising online casinos and issuing licenses to approved operators would create a safer environment for players.

Moreover, the legalisation would serve as a potential financial windfall for the French treasury, generating additional tax revenue for the country.

Legislative Journey of the New Online Casino Bill

As we navigate through the course of Bill 1248, it’s important to highlight its careful construction and thought-out considerations.

Presented this week, the bill is poised to tread the lengthy legislative process before it finds itself up for discussion in the National Assembly.

Despite the path to approval being far from smooth, the spirit of the bill is significant, symbolising a considerable shift in the perspective towards online gaming in France.

Bill 1248 aims to address this issue head-on, arguing that legalising online casinos and issuing licenses to approved operators would create a safer environment for players.

The Gradual Rollout: Safeguarding the National Casino Industry

Foreseeing potential resistance from the traditional casino industry, Latombe proposes a phased rollout of online casinos.

Initially, only existing casino operators would be allowed to apply for an online license, thereby preserving the industry’s economic stability.

This exclusivity would remain until 2030, post which the market would open up for any operator interested in joining the online gaming space.

Tax Implications and Gambling Options under the New Bill

Beyond the proposal’s principal objective, Bill 1248 is firm on maintaining the existing tax structure and gambling options.

As outlined, taxes and fees for operating an online gaming platform would mirror those levied on the land-based segment.

Additionally, the bill clarifies that only those gambling options currently authorised for land-based casinos would be permitted in the online segment.

A Historical Overview: Past Attempts at Legalizing Online Casinos in France

The quest to bring online casinos to France isn’t new. In fact, efforts to legalise the online sector can be traced back to as far as 2005.

In 2010, the French National Assembly passed the French Gambling Act, which marked the legalisation of online gambling. 

However, this measure primarily sought to open up the sports betting market in light of the upcoming World Cup and left online casinos out, deeming them ‘too addictive’.

Today, as more people turn to online gaming platforms, legal or otherwise, priorities have shifted. 

Consequently, the fate of online casinos in the legislative corridors might just change for the better.


The journey to legalise online casinos in France has been long and challenging. 

This new proposal by Philippe Latombe provides a structured approach, considering both the economic and consumer protection aspects. 

Though the past has seen failed attempts, changing consumer habits and the global shift towards online casinos might sway the tide in favour of Bill 1248. 

As France contemplates entering the digital gambling arena, the world watches with anticipation, ready to witness the dawn of a new era in French gaming.

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