Australia’s New Rules for Video Game Ratings: Loot Boxes & More

Australia’s government has just approved new guidelines for video game ratings. The changes aim to protect young players from gambling and games with “loot boxes.”

Starting September 2024, games with simulated gambling will get an R18+ rating.
Games with in-game purchases that have a chance element, like "loot boxes," will get a minimum M rating.
The government is also looking to modernize the rating system for digital-only games.

Australia Makes Big Changes to Video Game Ratings: Here’s What You Need to Know

Australia’s government has shaken things up in the world of video games. The new rules, set to start in September 2024, will make sure that video games with simulated gambling or “loot boxes” get age-appropriate ratings.

What Exactly Are These New Rules?

In simple terms, if a game has fake gambling like online casino games on mobile platforms, it will get an R18+ rating. This means it won’t be sold to anyone under 18. And if a game has in-game purchases that are kind of like a gamble—known as “loot boxes”—it will get at least an M rating. That suggests it’s not the best choice for players under 15.

The goal? Keep these types of games away from younger players. It’s a big deal, especially if popular games like FIFA and NBA suddenly go from family-friendly to M-rated.

Australia’s government has just approved new guidelines for video game ratings. The changes aim to protect young players from gambling and games with “loot boxes.”

What Triggered These Changes?

The government has been looking into how video games might be linked to real-world gambling problems. They want to keep young folks safe, so they decided to make these changes to the rating system. This was agreed upon by all states in a recent meeting of legal experts.

Future Plans: More Than Just Ratings

The government isn’t stopping at just changing ratings. They’re also looking at how to make the whole process better for games that are only online. Right now, the system is more set up for games you can hold in your hand, like a DVD. They’re thinking about ways to make the online rating process easier and cheaper for game makers.

In short, the government is listening. They want feedback from players, the gaming industry, and other governments to make a system that fits today’s Australia.

So, if you’re a gamer in Australia or just someone who cares about what young people are exposed to, these changes are worth keeping an eye on.

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