Call of Duty vs. Rainbow Six Siege: Character Similarity Debate

Discover the striking similarities between Call of Duty’s new operator and a character from Rainbow Six Siege, stirring a debate among fans and creators alike. 

Activision's new operator in Call of Duty, named Dokkaebi, has sparked controversy due to its resemblance to a character with the same name from Rainbow Six Siege.
Rainbow Six Siege's creative director and fans have noted the similarities, raising questions about the line between inspiration and imitation in character design.
Call of Duty has a history of naming coincidences, fueling the debate on whether these are innocent overlaps or a trend of less effort in differentiating characters.

Call of Duty’s Dokkaebi Resembles Rainbow Six’s Icon

Fans of Rainbow Six Siege were in for a surprise when Activision revealed the latest operators for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone. The debut of Dokkaebi, described as a “skilled spy and robotics engineer,” immediately drew parallels to Rainbow Six Siege’s Dokkaebi. This skilled hacker is known for disrupting and stealing enemy intel. The resemblance sparked a wave of comparisons and discussions among the gaming community.

Ubisoft’s Noticeable Reaction to CoD’s New Character

Ubisoft, the creator of Rainbow Six Siege, couldn’t help but notice the similarities. The creative director, Alex Karpazis, expressed his skepticism with a simple but telling “Seriously?” This reaction echoed the sentiments of many in the community, raising questions about creativity and originality in character design.

The Fine Line Between Inspiration and Copying in Gaming

This incident brings to light a broader conversation in the gaming world. Where does one draw the line between being inspired by and directly copying elements from other games? The name “Dokkaebi,” rooted in Korean mythology, is not unique to Ubisoft, but its prominent association with their character raises questions. The debate extends beyond names, as seen with characters like “Ash” appearing in multiple games, each with their own distinct traits. This scenario has sparked a discourse on the challenges of maintaining originality in an industry teeming with similar themes and ideas.

Call of Duty’s History with Cosmetic Originality

Call of Duty has previously faced criticism for its lack of originality in character design. Past incidents, like the Floof Fury Tracer Pack plagiarism issue, have raised questions. Furthermore, with several characters in Modern Warfare 3 sharing names with those in other games (e.g., Doc from Siege, Jet from Valorant), it suggests a pattern of naming “coincidences” in the series. While some may attribute this to the challenge of finding unique code names, it does raise eyebrows about the effort put into character differentiation.

While some fans express annoyance at the apparent imitation by a more popular FPS, others find amusement in the situation. This incident serves as a reminder of the fine balance between drawing inspiration and maintaining originality in the ever-evolving landscape of video game character design.

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