Gaming News: Xbox Promises No CGI Trailers

Aaron Greenberg, VP of Xbox Games Marketing, announces no โ€˜full CGI trailersโ€™ for first-party games at the Xbox Showcase on June 11th.
The showcase will present โ€˜in-game footage,โ€™ โ€˜in-engine footage,โ€™ or a mix of both, promoting realistic expectations among gamers.
The '12-month rule' is getting scrapped, indicating a shift towards a more authentic and realistic showcase of games.


Hey there, fellow gamers! Did you know? The Xbox Showcase is ditching the whole ‘full CGI trailers’ thing for first-party games. Yeah, you heard it right!

Our main man, Aaron Greenberg, who’s the VP of Xbox Games Marketing at Microsoft, broke the news on Twitter recently. He guarantees that they’re keeping things real at the Xbox Showcase, scheduled for June 11th.ย 

Instead of using flashy CGI trailers, they’re planning to utilize ‘in-game footage’, ‘in-engine footage’, or a blend of ‘in-game footage with some cinematics.’

Xbox Showcase Promise

Greenberg’s announcement sparked a surge of excitement among us, gamers! The very fact that everything we’ll witness at the Xbox Showcase from first-party developers would represent the actual gameplay, well, itโ€™s got us all thrilled! It’s a refreshing change from the regular drill where developers often resort to pure CG trailers, often leading to inflated expectations.

We’re aware there’s a buzz about this footage possibly being recorded on top-tier PCs, but let’s save that discussion for another day, shall we?

Breaking Xbox Tradition: The End of the ’12-Month Rule’

But there’s more! Greenberg dropped another bombshell – the end of the ’12-month rule’. Remember how during the 2022 show, Xbox assured us that nearly all games displayed would hit the market within a year? Well, that didn’t quite pan out, as very few games actually made it within that timeframe.

This time, they’re scrapping the rule and focusing on a more authentic showcase. So, mark your calendars for June 11th, folks! The much-anticipated Xbox Games Showcase is set to roll out, followed by Starfield Direct.

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