Hinterland Studio’s Next Adventure in Unreal Engine 5

Hinterland Studio reveals a teaser for an Unreal Engine 5 survival game, hinting at a thrilling future beyond The Long Dark.

Hinterland Studio has given a glimpse of their new Unreal Engine 5 project, showcasing a blend of homeliness and survival.
The studio continues to support The Long Dark, hinting this new game might share its universe.
Speculation about this being The Long Dark 2 or another game within its universe is high, with Hinterland working on multiple new titles.

Hinterland Studio Teases New Unreal Engine 5 Survival Game

Hinterland Studio, celebrated for its critically acclaimed survival game The Long Dark, has ignited excitement within the gaming community with a teaser for its next project. This new endeavor is underpinned by the powerful Unreal Engine 5, marking a significant technological leap forward for the studio. Raphael van Lierop, the studio’s lead, revealed the teaser on social media, giving fans a glimpse into what appears to be a sophisticated survival game​​​.

A Glimpse into the Unknown

The teaser shared by van Lierop offers a sneak peek into what the studio has been crafting. The footage, albeit brief, showcases a cozy yet conspicuously arranged shelter, indicating a blend of homeliness with survival instincts. This setting, featuring a grand piano and dual fireplaces amidst signs of prolonged habitation, hints at a narrative rich in mystery and survival elements​.

The Legacy of The Long Dark

Hinterland’s The Long Dark has set a high bar for survival games with its engaging gameplay and immersive experience. Despite van Lierop stepping away from the lead role in 2022 to focus on new projects, the game continues receiving robust support, including free and paid DLC. This dedication ensures that The Long Dark remains a beloved title within the genre​​​.

What’s Next for Hinterland?

Speculation abounds that this teaser might hint at a sequel to The Long Dark or a new venture within its universe, given the thematic and visual parallels to the original game’s desolate, frostbitten settings. The studio is working on three new titles, with two of them described as ambitious large-scale projects aimed at charting Hinterland’s future trajectory beyond The Long Dark. The third project is characterized as a linear sci-fi game, diverging significantly from the survival genre.

As we await Hinterland’s next chapter, the anticipation for their Unreal Engine 5 project grows. This move to a more advanced engine signals Hinterland’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of gameplay, graphics, and narrative depth. While details remain scarce, the teaser has certainly whetted appetites for another deep dive into survival mechanics, this time with the added allure of Unreal Engine 5’s capabilities.

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