January 2024 PlayStation Plus Games 

Discover the exciting lineup for PlayStation Plus in January 2024, featuring A Plague Tale: Requiem, Evil West, and Nobody Saves the World. Get the latest on exclusive packs and reviews!

January 2024 PlayStation Plus Games: A Plague Tale: Requiem, Evil West, and Nobody Saves the World.
Exclusive Content: Warframe: Syrinx Collection pack for PlayStation Plus members.
Availability: Games and exclusive pack available from January 2 to February 5, 2024.

PlayStation Plus January 2024: Top Picks and Exclusive Content

A Plague Tale: Requiem | PS5

A direct sequel to A Plague Tale: Innocence, this game takes players on a harrowing journey with Amicia and Hugo. Set in vibrant southern regions, the siblings face a resurgence of Hugo’s powers and a horde of destructive rats. Described as “an impressive sequel” in our review, Requiem offers a blend of gripping storytelling and stunning graphics.

Evil West | PS4, PS5

Evil West puts players in the shoes of a vampire-hunting agent. This action-packed game, playable in solo or co-op, delivers a narrative-driven campaign filled with intense combat. Praised for its smooth combat and entertaining weapon options, Evil West also faces criticism for low enemy variety and repetitive level layouts.

Nobody Saves the World | PS4, PS5

From Drinkbox Studios, this game introduces players to “Nobody,” tasked with saving the world from an ancient Calamity. With transformation abilities into various creatures, the game offers a unique action RPG experience. However, reviews note a disparity in pacing, with a more engaging middle part compared to its beginning and end.

Exclusive Warframe: Syrinx Collection for PlayStation Plus Members

This exclusive pack for Warframe fans includes a variety of armor, weapons, and boosters, such as the Syrinx Chest Plate, Baza Rifle, and a 7-Day Affinity Booster. Available immediately in-game upon download, it’s a must-have for both new and returning players.

Last Chance for December’s Games and Spotify Playlist

Final Days to Download December’s Monthly Games

PlayStation Plus members are reminded to add Lego 2K Drive, Powerwash Simulator, and Sable to their libraries before January 1.

PlayStation Plus Spotify Playlist

Check out the specially curated PlayStation Plus monthly games-inspired playlist on Spotify, updated monthly with new tracks.

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