Love Is Blind Contestant Suggests Elden Ring-Inspired Baby Names

A contestant on Love Is Blind, Zack Goytowski, suggested baby names inspired by the video game Elden Ring during a conversation with his partner, Irina Solomonova.
The incident demonstrates the impact of gaming culture on mainstream entertainment and highlights the increasing influence of video games in popular culture.
Twitter users reacted to the episode by creating memes and jokes about naming children after video game characters, further showcasing gaming's impact on entertainment.
Despite the amusing moment, Zack and Irina ultimately decided to part ways, with the Elden Ring-inspired baby names not playing a significant role in their breakup.
The growing popularity of gaming and its influence on various forms of media suggest that it will continue to shape popular culture and intersect with real-life situations in the future.


In a surprising twist during the latest season of Netflix’s popular reality show Love Is Blind, contestant Zack Goytowski revealed his passion for the video game Elden Ring by suggesting baby names inspired by its characters.

The dating show, which has been airing since February 2020, aims to answer the question, “Is love really blind?” by bringing single people together with the hope of finding love and getting engaged before meeting in person.

Love Is Blind has captured the interest of viewers with its unique format, featuring speed-dating segments, luxurious resorts, and picturesque locations.

While three seasons have already been released, it is the currently airing fourth season that has grabbed the internet’s attention with this unexpected gaming-related moment.

Elden Ring’s Impact on Pop Culture

Elden Ring, a popular action role-playing game, was co-written by acclaimed fantasy author and Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin.

The game has become well-known for its intricate backstory, creative character names, and challenging gameplay.

The collaboration between Martin and developer FromSoftware has resulted in a game that has made a significant impact on pop culture, as demonstrated by its influence on Love Is Blind.

A Unique Name Proposal

In the fourth episode of the fourth season, titled “Playing With Fire,” contestants Irina Solomonova and Zack Goytowski are seen enjoying a romantic beach-side dinner in Mexico. 

The conversation turns to baby names, and Zack, a criminal defense attorney, proposes the names Godfrey and Godrick, inspired by the challenging boss characters from Elden Ring.

Irina, an event-planning business owner, quickly dismisses the suggestions.

The trend of baby-name jokes continued to grow, showcasing the impact of gaming culture on popular entertainment.


Godfrey, First Elden Lord, and Godrick the Grafted are two formidable bosses players encounter in the game.

As optional encounters, they provide valuable rewards upon defeat.

Interestingly, Irina also mentioned Gideon, another Elden Ring character, during their conversation, though it is unclear whether she was aware of the connection.

Twitter Reacts with Baby Name Memes

Following the episode, Twitter was flooded with memes and jokes about children being named after video game characters.

Users imagined their children introducing themselves with names like Lightseeker Hyetta or being called Astel, Naturalborn of the Void at school pick-up.

Some joked about naming their child after the fearsome Magma Wyrm or the infamous Gears of War character Uzil RAAM.

The trend of baby-name jokes continued to grow, showcasing the impact of gaming culture on popular entertainment.

An Unexpected Outcome

Despite their connection, Zack and Irina ultimately decided to part ways during their stay in Mexico.

In a subsequent interview, Irina stated that there was no specific reason for the breakup, but rather a growing sense that they were not the perfect match they initially believed themselves to be.

It appears that the Elden Ring-inspired baby names did not play a significant role in their decision to end the relationship.

Nevertheless, the amusing baby-naming moment on Love Is Blind highlights the increasing influence of video game culture on mainstream entertainment and the unique ways in which it can intersect with real-life situations.

As gaming continues to grow in popularity and make its mark on various forms of media, it will be fascinating to see how it further shapes popular culture and impacts our daily lives.

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