PlayStation 5 Enhances Game Help with Community-Driven Videos

The PS5‘s new Community Game Help feature, which uses auto-recorded clips to provide gamers with real-time assistance, is set to launch later this year.

Learn how this innovative tool enhances the PlayStation gaming experience with automatic video captures, privacy considerations, and how players can opt in or out of the feature.

Sony is expanding the PlayStation 5’s Game Help with "Community Game Help," including a library of automatically generated videos.
Videos are automatically captured when players achieve specific objectives, moderated, and then uploaded to assist others.
The feature focuses on privacy, capturing only game footage, and allows players to opt in or out, aiming to cover as many titles as possible.

PS5’s Game Help Feature Gets an Upgrade

Sony has announced an expansion to its PlayStation Game Help program, initially launched in 2020, to assist players in completing games more effectively.

This new development introduces “Community Game Help,” which will be launched later in 2024. It will enhance the service with a broader library of game hints and add automatically generated user videos.

Automatic Video Capture for Enhanced Game Assistance

A vital feature of the upcoming Community Game Help is the automatic capture of videos when players achieve specific objectives within games.

This system is designed to streamline the process for players, eliminating the need for manual editing or uploading.

Videos will be moderated before being uploaded as “Game Hints,” ensuring quality assistance for the community. After uploading, Sony assures players that videos will be removed from their SSD to save on storage space.

Privacy and Participation in Community Game Help

Sony emphasizes that only “raw game footage” will be uploaded, with personal inputs like webcam images, microphone audio, and party chat audio remaining private.

However, players should be aware that items displayed on the game screen, such as account names and messages, will be captured.

Opting into the program is straightforward. Players can also set a monthly capture limit, opt out whenever they wish, and remove any previously uploaded content.

Expanding Game Help Across Titles

With the launch of Community Game Help for select games later this year, Sony aims to extend this feature to as many titles as possible.

This initiative builds on the foundation set by Sony’s game studios, such as Naughty Dog and Insomniac, which have already produced hint videos for titles like The Last of Us Part II Remastered and Spider-Man 2.

The introduction of this community-driven element aims to enrich the gaming experience and provide players with a wealth of resources that they can use to overcome challenges.

Players seeking assistance beyond the PlayStation platform can still explore game guides on YouTube and other websites.

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