Street Fighter 6: An EVO Record Breaker | Excitement Rises Ahead of The Grand Battle

EVO’s record-breaking registrant numbers for Street Fighter 6 indicates increased anticipation and excitement. Stay updated on the journey of this epic release.

Street Fighter 6 breaks all-time EVO record for the highest number of registered competitors, exceeding the previous record of 5,065 players.
Unlike its predecessor Street Fighter 5, Street Fighter 6 has been able to maintain its momentum, signaling a potential decrease in dropouts at EVO.
Registrations for EVO are still open until July 8; The event is to be held from August 4-6 at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

Street Fighter 6: The Unprecedented Record-Breaker at EVO

The gaming world is abuzz as Street Fighter 6 achieves a groundbreaking milestone. On Monday, the EVO Twitter account dropped an electrifying revelation. Street Fighter 6 has shattered not only the franchise record but also the all-time EVO record for the highest number of registered competitors in a single game. Although the exact figure remains veiled, it is certain that the registrations have exceeded the 5,065 players mark, a record set previously in 2016. And with less than two weeks to go for registrations, the anticipation is palpable. There’s an air of expectation that the numbers will keep soaring as more last-minute contenders seal their spots.

The Rising Graph: Comparing Street Fighter 5 and Street Fighter 6

Reflecting on history, it’s interesting to note that the previous record was set in the year 2016, post the February debut of Street Fighter 5. That year, the competitors flooded in, reaching a total of 5,065, although not everyone made it to their initial round matches. This is a common scenario with the launch of popular fighting games. Enthusiastic players register for EVO, but due to varied reasons, many don’t turn up at the event.

However, when Street Fighter 6 officially commences in early August, it’s conjectured there will be fewer absentees compared to Street Fighter 5’s event. This is not to imply that Street Fighter 6 is flawless, but it appears to be ticking a lot more boxes in the initial stage than its predecessor did.

The Momentum Shift: The Journey from Street Fighter 5 to 6

The fervor for Street Fighter 5 was immense. However, it met with criticism at launch for being a largely unfinished product with significant issues such as enormous input delay, unintended anti-air jabs, and a shortage of single-player modes. This resulted in a decline in excitement in the six months between its release and EVO 2016.

On the other hand, Street Fighter 6, within just its first month, has been able to maintain the momentum. In fact, we recently witnessed nearly 1,100 competitors from across the globe participating at CEO 2023, further solidifying our belief that this could be the biggest, most thrilling EVO yet.

As the countdown begins, the gaming community eagerly anticipates the final registration numbers for Street Fighter 6, as well as other titles to be featured at this grand gaming fiesta. Even if you can’t make it to Las Vegas, you can experience the thrill by tuning into our live coverage of EVO 2023 on EventHubs.

Remember, registration for EVO is open until July 8, 11:59 p.m. The grand event is slated to be held at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino from August 4-6.

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