Valorant Night Market: June 2023 Edition Put On Hold – What’s Next?

Discover the latest on the Valorant Night Market’s June 2023 event, from its abrupt takedown due to a bug to its anticipated return. Stay tuned!

The Valorant June 2023 Night Market was released as per schedule but had to be taken down due to a bug.
Valorant has released a statement on June 10th, anticipating a fix and possibly resuming the event by June 15th PST.
The limited duration of the Night Market, coupled with the current issue, has sparked conversation among the Valorant player community, who desire longer event periods.

The Valorant Night Market June 2023: On Pause But Not For Long

Like clockwork, the Riot Games’ Valorant June 2023 Night Market surfaced on the scene, but it swiftly vanished just as quickly as it emerged, and for good reason. As we all know, bugs aren’t the best companions when it comes to gaming and unfortunately, one such creature was discovered lurking in this much-anticipated Night Market, leading to its prompt shutdown.

The Night Market: Valorant’s Glittering Attraction

No Valorant enthusiast is a stranger to the appeal of the Night Market. With its allure of random, multi-tiered skins offered at whopping discounts, it has become one of the standout features in the gaming world. Think of it as Riot Games’ love letter to the players, with its roots in the ‘Your Shop’ feature from another hot property by the developer, League of Legends.

Recalling the calendar, the Night Market’s last appearance spanned from April 5th to 25th. Following that, the rumor mill began churning out whispers of a June event. As if on cue, Riot Games made the announcement on May 31st about the June Night Market, and on schedule, the party began.

However, the celebration was short-lived. Not long after the event started, reports of bugs started to flood in, and Valorant had to hit the pause button, leaving players wondering about the Night Market’s return.

The Anticipated Return: What’s the Latest?

The Valorant community was ecstatic as the June 2023 Night Market came alive on June 7th. Unfortunately, an uninvited bug crashed the party, leading to its abrupt takedown by the vigilant developers.

Fast-forward to June 10th, the authorities have addressed the situation again, revealing that they hope to get things up and running next week, specifically by June 15th PST. However, they did mention the possibility of the June Night Market event being cancelled due to the pesky bug.

Needless to say, this has sparked conversation within the Valorant players’ community. Many have previously expressed dissatisfaction over the Night Market’s short durations. The recent bug issue is bound to cut the event’s duration even further, adding to the growing list of grievances.

The Valorant Night Market, in its 16th edition and originally planned to run from 7th to 27th June, now hangs in the balance. While we wait for the developers to squash the bug and get the show back on the road, players are left hoping for a longer stint of their beloved Night Market.

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