Jeff Poe Takes a Bow: The Legendary Co-Founder Leaves Blum & Poe After Nearly 30 Years

Jeff Poe has announced his departure. Learn how he plans to continue his journey in the art world after shaping the gallery’s legacy.

Jeff Poe, the co-founder of the distinguished Los Angeles gallery, Blum & Poe, is stepping down after almost three decades of leadership.
Poe expresses enthusiasm for pursuing a "simpler and more fluid path" in his future engagements with art.
Matt Bangser, previously a New York-based Partner, ascends to a newly-minted position of managing partner at the gallery.

A New Chapter Begins: Jeff Poe Exits the Stage at Blum & Poe Gallery

In a move that has both startled and intrigued the art community, Jeff Poe, the co-founder of the iconic Blum & Poe Gallery in Los Angeles, declared this Monday, August 14th, that he is stepping away from his role. With nearly three decades of shared stewardship alongside Tim Blum, this decision marks not just the end of an era but the birth of new opportunities and directions for all involved.

Reflecting on a Journey of Three Decades

Since its inception in 1994, Blum & Poe has been a cornerstone of the LA art scene. Co-founders Jeff Poe and Tim Blum were not just businessmen; they were visionaries who sensed the pulse of contemporary art. Over the years, the gallery has extended its branches to New York, Tokyo, and with staff representation in Taipei and Paris.

Today, the gallery stands tall with a roster of over 60 artists and estates from 16 different countries. The institution has played an instrumental role in catapulting the careers of art titans like Mark Grotjahn, Yoshitomo Nara, and Takashi Murakami. Moreover, its growth has paralleled the exponential expansion of the broader Los Angeles art community over the past three decades.

“In building this gallery with Jeff, the journey has been nothing short of extraordinary,” says Tim Blum, reflecting on the transformative years he spent with Poe.

Jeff Poe has announced his departure. Learn how he plans to continue his journey in the art world after shaping the gallery’s legacy.

A Fluid Path Ahead

What’s next for Jeff Poe? The maestro of the art world was not entirely explicit about his future plans. However, he did provide a sliver of insight by saying he would continue to engage with artists and the art community at large.

“I’ve always found joy in nurturing the quieter, perhaps less glamorous, facets of the gallery like real estate, design, and architecture. That’s a path I intend to tread further,” Poe explained. He elaborated that he’s keen on “going down a simpler and more fluid path,” a phrase which has left many curious and excited about his impending ventures.

The decision to step back comes not as a full stop but as an ellipsis, a pause that denotes continuity in another form. Poe seems thrilled about the notion of embracing a new practice, unshackled from his prior commitments.

New Leadership for a New Era

In the wake of Poe’s departure, the gallery also unveiled that Matt Bangser, a long-standing New York-based partner, would take up the newly created role of managing partner. This transition suggests that while the gallery respects its storied past, it is also looking ahead with a calculated strategy for the future.

“The elevation of Matt to managing partner ensures that Blum & Poe will maintain its commitment to innovation and artistic discovery,” said a gallery spokesperson.

The Curtain Falls, but the Show Goes On

As Jeff Poe turns a new page, the art world watches with bated breath. His decision to step back from Blum & Poe is more than a personal turning point; it’s a moment that invites us all to ponder the endless possibilities that come with change.

While the details of Poe’s next chapter remain a tantalizing mystery, one thing is for certain: his influence on the gallery and the larger art ecosystem is indelible. As for Blum & Poe, the gallery continues to be a beacon of artistic innovation and cultural conversation, standing tall on the pillars that Jeff Poe helped erect.

Thus, as the curtain falls on this chapter, the anticipation for the next act in the unfolding drama of art and enterprise is palpable. Jeff Poe’s exit is not a farewell; it’s an intermission before the next grand act.

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