Season 4 of Succession Premieres in New York City

As the fourth and final season of the hit HBO series Succession approaches, the cast and crew gathered for the New York City premiere, where they discussed the dramatic conclusion and their thoughts on the end of the show.

Brian Cox, who portrays media magnate Logan Roy, shared his thoughts on the show’s end and its legacy.

An Uncertain Road for Tom Wambsgans

Matthew Macfadyen, who plays Tom Wambsgans, discussed his character’s development in the final season.

Following the shocking betrayal of his wife Shiv (Sarah Snook) in season 3, Tom finds himself in a difficult spot, with a trial separation from Shiv and uncertainty in his relationship with his father-in-law Logan Roy, played by Brian Cox.

No Spinoffs on the Horizon

While fans may be curious about potential spinoffs, series creator Jesse Armstrong has ruled out any such plans.

Instead, he believes the show’s characters aren’t ripe for spinoffs, and the decision to wrap up with season four was based on feeling that anything further “didn’t feel right.”

Armstrong’s focus was on creating a satisfying and true conclusion to the story.

Brian Cox Reflects on Succession’s Legacy

Brian Cox, who portrays media magnate Logan Roy, shared his thoughts on the show’s end and its legacy.

He expressed his delight that the show is wrapping up when it makes the most sense and praised Armstrong for knowing when to bring it to a close.

Cox added that he would miss the cast and crew and the relationships forged over the past four seasons.

In terms of the show’s impact, Cox sees Succession as a reflection of the world today and an important lesson about the widening gap between the rich and the poor.

He believes the series serves as a reminder to avoid the mistakes of the past, particularly in regard to the Trump administration, which he has criticized in the past.

Logan Roy’s Red Carpet Outburst

During the red carpet an unexpected incident occurred. Brian Cox, who plays Logan Roy, caused a commotion while channeling his character, disrupting an interview with Fisher Stevens, who portrays Waystar Royco employee and consigliere Hugo Baker.

The incident happened during the group cast photo call, with Cox addressing the photographers. However, a representative later clarified that Cox was just joking.

Brian Cox’s Reaction

Cox appeared unfazed by the incident when asked about it at the after-party.

He explained the reason for his outburst, stating that the photographers’ instructions were unclear and that he simply told them to “get your f**ing sht together!”

Fisher Stevens on Season 4

Despite the interruption, Fisher Stevens went on to share his thoughts on the final season of Succession.

He described it as filled with more family drama and humor. Stevens also highlighted the long scenes they shot, which required changing magazines during the takes.

He likened the experience to working in theater, emphasizing the excitement of the process.

The fourth and final season of Succession will return to HBO on Sunday, March 26.

Article In a Snapshot

  • Season 4 of Succession premieres in New York City with cast and crew discussing the dramatic conclusion.
  • No spinoffs planned as series creator Jesse Armstrong believes characters aren’t suitable for such projects.
  • Brian Cox reflects on Succession’s legacy and the importance of its message regarding wealth inequality.
  • Brian Cox causes a commotion during the red carpet event, later clarifying it as a joke.
  • Fisher Stevens shares insights into the final season, describing it as filled with family drama, humor, and long scenes reminiscent of theater.

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