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One cannot expect to be inspired without effort. Even well-known artists, writers, researchers, and performers agree that having the proper drive and stimulation is essential when creating something extraordinary.

Thanks to the advancements in technology, it is now simpler than ever to discover sources of creativity and artistic motivation.

YouTube is an excellent example of a platform that is teeming with hundreds, if not thousands, of motivating interviews that will definitely have the capacity to bring you out of your funk and assist you in finding the motivation to write, paint, or create music once again.

This article will showcase some of the best YouTube interviews to help get you motivated and energized.

Although some of the interviews in our selection may not have been viewed by millions of people, the content provided is still incredibly motivating and provides valuable tips that can be utilized to enhance one’s artistic skills.

Are you all set? Then let’s explore some of the best YouTube videos that are worth taking the time to watch.

An Overview of 11 Notable Interviews on YouTube

  1. A terrific source of inspiration: JK Rowling Interview
  1. One of the most insightful methods to achieving success is to watch the Brad Rushing Interview, which can be found on YouTube.

Four of the top-rated self-improvement interviews are Tony Robbins’ Interview.

  1. Excellent for artistic inspiration: Rupi Kaur Talking
  1. Suggested for attaining corporate success: An interview with Tilman Fertittia, available on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TgJvwVtENsg
  1. The ultimate resource for creative direction: Glen Gers Conversation
  1. Budding artists should check out the interview with David Salle, which can be found on YouTube.
  1. An ideal source for creative ideas about music: Dave Grohl Interview
  1. Ideal for authors: Donna Tartt’s Conversation – View on YouTube
  1. Ideal for gaining scientific insight : Stephen Hawking Interview

An image of a sunset is depicted in the illustration. The sun is seen to be setting in the background, with the sky filled with a range of colors. Rays of light can be seen radiating from the sun, and the horizon is a mix of orange, blue, and purple. The scene is one of serenity and beauty.

It is unnecessary to introduce Oprah Winfrey; she is a renowned figure whose work in the fields of presentation, writing, charity, and business have earned her the admiration of millions around the globe.

In a 60 minute conversation, Oprah divulges numerous details about her life, work, and the way she manages others.

She outlines her assets, shortcomings and how she shifted from being a college student to a news anchor before becoming one of the most renowned TV presenters of recent times.

In the interview, Oprah emphasizes the significance of trusting your intuition and illustrates the necessity of patience in order to discover one’s true identity.

During her interview with Stanford students, Oprah radiates brilliance as she shares valuable advice. A few of the insights which can be gained from this impressive conversation include:

  • Tuning into one’s intuition
  • Being persistent in one’s chosen profession
  • Advancing
  • Rekindling one’s enthusiasm, and
  • Taking charge

The use of technology has become increasingly pervasive in our lives. It has become a major element in our day-to-day activities, from communication and work to leisure and entertainment. As technology becomes more and more embedded in our lives, its influence and implications continue to grow.

The ubiquity of technology has grown to the point where it has become a dominant factor in our daily lives. From communication and work to leisure activities and even entertainment, technology has become an essential component. With its ever-increasing presence, the effects and implications of its use are growing more and more profound.

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If you’re seeking a jovial interview to provide you with enthusiasm and encouragement, you are bound to appreciate this one.

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JK Rowling is well-renowned worldwide. Her remarkable journey from rags to riches is widely known, and her appearance on Oprah can be inspiring to many. Hearing the multi-billionaire author’s own words could be enough to motivate one’s creative endeavors.

Oprah’s 40-minute chat with Rowling revealed her bright and sophisticated character, and the author opened up about her entire journey.

What is remarkable is that Rowling discusses her vulnerabilities and how she managed criticism, rather than simply sharing her undeniable accomplishments.

A noticeable element of the interview was Rowling’s conviction that her novel would achieve success on publication, even though she had a lack of self-confidence as a child and adult.

Gaining insight into the pursuit of aspirations, especially those that drive one’s enthusiasm, is something that you can gain a great amount of knowledge from.

Rowling refused to give up on her Harry Potter books, even after 12 publishers had rejected them and her agent had attempted to discourage her.

The interview is filled with a wealth of knowledge and guidance, as two female billionaires who have made a major impact in their respective fields share their wisdom. Not only that, but it is also an intriguing conversation.

It is likely that one’s view of success will be altered after watching this useful interview.

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Brad Rushing’s remarkable conversation on Film Courage (YouTube channel) is noteworthy not because of his own greatness, but mostly because of his singular methodology for achieving success.

Rushing offers guidance when contemplating what it takes to be prosperous as an artist, beginning with breaking away from the usual idea of success.

It’s essential to keep going after one’s aspirations, according to this highly-regarded cinematographer, and it’s important to keep in mind that what works for someone else may not be effective for you.

He feels that hitting it big is a combination of luck and planning and, in addition, that ongoing effort is necessary to maintain success.

This interview will be beneficial for those in a predicament or who feel that their progress has been lacking.

You are sure to feel motivated and ready to take the next step when you consider the inspirational quotes about success that Rushing has to offer.

Rushing’s delivery of his thoughts is quite accessible, making it effortless to comprehend the main points.

Due to its brevity of 16 minutes, this interview is ideal for individuals with limited time on their hands.

4. Tony Robbins Interview – A Fantastic Self-Improvement Discussion

The image above depicts a scene of an individual engaging in an activity, likely to be something that they enjoy. It is possible to infer from this that the person is having a pleasant experience.

Well-known life coach and author Tony Robbins is among the most popular people in the self-help industry. Recently, he sat down with Russel Brand to discuss his outlook on life.

It’s unsurprising that, as is typical of any interview conducted by Russel Brand, the video contains a lot of profanity.

Though there may be some profanity, the interview is sure to be enlightening if you can overlook it.

In an unexpected turn of events, Tony Robbins reveals a more delicate and exposed side of himself when he acknowledges that he too has bad days, as it is an unavoidable part of being a human.

The characteristic that stands out the most when it comes to Tony Robbins is his positive outlook. Robbins speaks of emotional and mental muscles which, according to him, can be strengthened through practice.

This may not be an exhaustive interview, but it still provides some helpful tips to get through a difficult day or week.

Because the video’s duration is only 8 minutes, you can easily fit it into your break time.

Rupi Kaur Interview – An Excellent Source of Creative Stimulation

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Rupi Kaur shares her story of transformation with Jimmy Fallon in this six-minute video. She speaks of her experience of going from a lonely kid to a celebrated poet.

The interview not only provides entertainment, but it also includes discussions on important topics such as sacrifice, perseverance, and commitment.

Kaur’s path to becoming a self-published poet was certainly not a simple one, which you will realize when viewing the video.

JK Rowling’s book was not accepted either. Kaur, however, didn’t give up and instead chose to independently publish her work, The Sun and Her Flowers, which ultimately became a best seller.

This interview is sure to be a hit with anyone who likes brief, entertaining YouTube clips.

Fallon’s interview technique combined with Kaur’s comedic timing created a video that was both informative and enjoyable to watch.

The image depicted shows a vibrant landscape with various colours and shapes. It is possible to make out a variety of elements and tones which together form an eye-catching and compelling visual.

Tom Bilyeu’s interview with Tilman Fertittia is one of the best YouTube interviews available.

Entrepreneurs can now benefit from the 33-minute long interview, which can be seen as an online lesson in handling finances and human resources in the right way.

Gaining knowledge in areas such as leadership, constructing connections, enduring difficulties and other topics connected to commerce, will be part of your education.

Tom Bilyeu’s approach to the interview was remarkable; he posed the correct inquiries. The point I appreciated the most was the practicality of Fertittia’s answers.

This wealthy person has shared insights about success that, if applied properly, can serve as a useful model for your business or service.

The forthrightness of Fertittia makes the interview suitable for individuals of all ages and industries, not limited just to entrepreneurs.

It would be wise to have a pen and paper ready to jot down some essential points while listening to the business magnate’s account of his achievements, as he will not leave anything out.

The duration of the interview is a mere thirty minutes or so, which makes it possible to watch it during work pauses or whenever one has a chance.

7. Glenn Gers Interview – Perfect for Creative Direction

The image above displays a scene in which a person can be seen standing in the foreground, with a sky full of clouds in the background. The individual appears to be looking off into the distance, perhaps admiring the beauty of the landscape.

It takes time, commitment, and, most importantly, a proper focus to successfully complete a creative endeavor. In this 14-minute dialogue, Glenn Gers provides answers to 6 key queries related to screenwriting.

The interview may focus on screenwriting, however one can gain insights into other creative procedures from it.

Investing 14-minutes of your time could be a worthwhile endeavor if you have a passion for art and desire to learn the tips and tricks from a professional in order to pursue it and stay motivated.

Gers shares his experience with achieving artistic balance, including mistakes made before he found what works best for him productivity-wise. The video is an excellent source for such information.

The celebrated screenwriter encourages audiences to discover their own creative methods, accentuating that everybody should find the method that works best for them.

This interview is a helpful resource for authors, regardless of their experience level, as it discusses how to initiate the artistic process and push through the typically demotivating writer’s block.

8. A Suggestion for Aspiring Creatives – David Salle

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In this quick 4-minute video, David Salle guides us through his artistic process. He explains how he plans for his projects, which may be beneficial for beginner artists that have no idea how to begin.

As the conversation progresses, the visuals offer an extra dimension to the interview, providing a chance to observe Salle’s artworks.

Although it might not be the most exciting, Salle’s account of his accomplishments and how he has become a prominent contemporary and neo-expressionism artist is certainly worth a read.

If you’re a fan of the various expressions of art and would like to have a glimpse into beginning to produce your own works of art, then the short video will be enjoyable for you.

9. A Discussion with Dave Grohl – Perfect for Musical Motivation

An image can be seen depicting something that appears to be an object with several components. It is composed of an oval shape, with several other elements arranged in a symmetrical pattern around it. At the center of the image is a circle, surrounded by several small rectangles, and all of these components are connected by curved lines.

If you’ve had a long day at the office, this 44-minute interview with Dave Grohl, the lead singer of Foo Fighters, on Apple Music could be the perfect thing to help you unwind.

It doesn’t matter if you are a musician or not; this interview with Grohl is still worth your time. His candor and skill in music are quite evident, allowing for a strong connection to be formed with his listeners.

Time will seem to pass by in a flash as Dave Grohl speaks his mind about the music industry, the good and the bad.

The interviewing talent of Lars Larson is remarkable, and this is evident in the conversations he has with one of today’s most popular vocalists. He always sets an interesting tone for the dialogue.

In the presence of two established professionals, you will certainly have a great time, even if you don’t get to learn about dedication, perseverance, or staying concentrated.

They exchange stories, with Grohl divulging more details of his career as a musician, which could be beneficial for any person with a creative spirit.

It is clear that Lars and Grohl have a strong connection, so be ready for 44 minutes of sheer joy.

Be aware that both of these legendary characters tend to swear a lot, which in an odd way, contributes to the realness of the conversation.

10.Donna Tartt Interview – An Outstanding Resource for Authors

It is evident that a picture paints a thousand words. This image, for instance, is worth a thousand words in itself. Its complex and captivating details speaks volumes about what it is depicting.

Gaining insight into the craft of novel writing can be obtained by watching this 14-minute discussion featuring Donna Tartt.

The celebrated writer recounts her transition from writing poetry and short stories to becoming one of the most distinguished novelists on the planet.

By studying the style and techniques she uses for writing, you can gain valuable insight that may be beneficial for incorporating into your own writing.

This interview might not be the most captivating one you can find online, but it is certainly one of the most illuminating, especially for any aspiring writers who are looking to learn a bit more about proper writing.

If you need help getting your creative process going, perhaps you can take a few minutes out of your day to watch this amazing interview with Donna Tartt.

11. Stephen Hawking Interview – Ideal Source for Scientific Insight

The image depicts a scene in which the sky is filled with fluffy white clouds. The sun is shining brightly, and its rays are shining down on the landscape below. The landscape is green and lush, with trees and plants in the foreground. The blue sky and white clouds add to the beauty of the scene.

This 7-minute interview featuring Stephen Hawking gives viewers a window into his humorous yet brilliant personality, especially if you appreciate intellectual comedy.

John Oliver is able to add some comedy to the interview, however, the two still manage to discuss important topics that could potentially have a major effect on our world.

In his opinion, Stephen Hawking has expressed concern about the potential hazards of artificial intelligence, as well as the concept of imaginary time.

A humorous video provides a pleasant interruption, particularly if you have an interest in the realm of quantum physics and topics related to space and time.

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