2024 Northern Lights: Ultimate Viewing Guide

2024 is set to be an extraordinary year for viewing the Northern Lights, promising some of the most spectacular displays in two decades. This guide will take you through why 2024 is special, the best times and places for viewing, and how to maximize your chances of witnessing this natural marvel.

2024 coincides with a solar maximum, promising the most spectacular Northern Lights displays in two decades​.
Late-night hours, especially around the equinoxes of March and October, offer the best chances for witnessing the aurora borealis​.
From the cold landscapes of Fairbanks, Alaska, to the magical skies of Iceland, discover where to catch the aurora in all its glory​.

Why 2024 Is The Best Year for Northern Lights

The Northern Lights, or aurora borealis, dazzle the sky with vibrant colors, a phenomenon more sought after now than ever. An 11-year solar cycle peaking in 2024, solar activity will enhance the visibility of the aurora borealis beyond its usual spots, potentially offering the best shows in 20 years. This peak follows a period of the weakest solar activity in a century back in 2014.

Best Times and Places for Viewing

Visibility of the Northern Lights is most prominent in the Arctic Circle, yet heightened solar activity in 2024 may allow them to be seen further south. The equinoxes of March and October are particularly favorable times for viewing due to the increased frequency of auroras. Darkness is essential, so the late-night hours between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. are prime viewing times​.

Prime Viewing Locations:

  • Fairbanks, Alaska: With its interior location, Fairbanks offers a great chance to see the aurora and unique experiences like dog sledding and ice fishing. Special accommodations like Borealis Basecamp offer direct views of the sky from the comfort of your room.
  • Yukon, Canada: Located within the Aurora Oval, the Yukon is perfect for aurora hunting, with options like guided tours to enhance your experience​.
  • Churchill, Manitoba, Canada: Known for its polar bears, Churchill offers incredible aurora views, especially during February and March​.
  • Alta, Norway: Stay in a GLØD Aurora Canvas Dome for a cozy viewing experience, complemented by activities like dog sledding and snowshoeing​.
  • Iceland: With its long viewing season from September to April, Iceland offers numerous activities and unique accommodations like transparent bubble domes to watch the aurora​.

Maximizing Your Viewing Experience

Visibility of the Northern Lights, while enhanced in 2024, remains subject to weather and solar activity. To increase your chances of a sighting:

  • Stay informed about solar activity through sources like the NOAA Space Weather Prediction Centre.
  • Use aurora prediction apps for real-time alerts on auroral activity.
  • Choose locations with minimal light pollution, preferably those with Dark Sky certification​.

In summary, 2024 presents a unique opportunity to witness the Northern Lights in their full glory. By planning your trip around peak visibility times, choosing the right location, and staying informed about solar activity, you can significantly increase your chances of experiencing one of nature’s most awe-inspiring displays.

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