A Gastronomic World Tour: Michelin Star Studded Hotels and Resorts

Explore the culinary magnificence of Michelin-star restaurants within luxury hotels worldwide, offering epicurean adventures and top-notch accommodations.

The world's finest hotels and resorts often house Michelin-starred restaurants, offering top-tier cuisine and accommodations.
Destinations like The Restaurant at Dolder Grand in Zurich, Hjem in Northumberland, and Piazza Duomo in Alba provide luxury experiences infused with culinary arts.
Later picks, including Le Manoir Aux Quat’Saisons in the UK, Plénitude in Paris, and Ynyshir in Powys, further elevate this trend by merging high-end cuisine with comfort and luxury.

Travelers with a penchant for high-end cuisine are constantly on the hunt for the world’s finest gastronomic experiences. In recent years, the blending of luxury accommodations with Michelin-starred dining has become an alluring trend in the hospitality industry. With this fusion, tourists can delve into exquisite culinary arts, revel in fine wines, and retire to the comfort of their lavish rooms, all within a single premise.

Sampling the Stars: A Global Culinary Journey

The following are some of the best tables worldwide, showcasing the dishes they offer and the accommodations they provide. Note that seasonal changes and culinary inspirations may affect the menu.

The Restaurant, Dolder Grand: Zurich, Switzerland 

The Dolder Grand’s “The Restaurant,” helmed by Chef Heiko Nieder, is a culinary marvel, earning two Michelin stars and international acclaim. The hotel is a coveted stop for the affluent and famous, nestled in the hills above Zurich.

Hjem: Northumberland, UK 

This humble Michelin-starred abode, run by Swedish chef Alex Nietosvuori and restaurateur Ally Thompson, provides a cozy retreat and delectable tasting menu featuring Hexhamshire Organics’ fresh produce.

Piazza Duomo: Alba, Italy 

Chef Enrico Crippa, revered in Italy’s culinary scene, leads the three-starred Piazza Duomo in Alba, Piedmont, a gastronomic haven brimming with truffles, chestnuts, mushrooms, and world-class wines.

Côte By Mauro Colagreco, Capella Bangkok: Thailand 

Colagreco, an Argentinian culinary wizard, brings his three-starred expertise to Capella Bangkok, blending French cuisine with traditional Thai elements.

Chaat, Rosewood Hong Kong

 Awarded a Michelin star within its opening year, Chaat offers pan-Indian cuisine with a contemporary twist, helmed by Chef de Cuisine Manav Tuli.

Explore the culinary magnificence of Michelin-star restaurants within luxury hotels worldwide, offering epicurean adventures and top-notch accommodations.


Savory Slumber: Pairing Luxury Accommodation with Gastronomy

Continuing our journey, we find more exquisite establishments that satisfy our love for both comfort and cuisine:

Le Manoir Aux Quat’Saisons: Oxfordshire, UK

Nestled in a 15th-century manor house, Chef Raymond Blanc’s two Michelin-starred restaurant boasts an impressive walled garden, where a cornucopia of fresh produce is nurtured.

Plénitude, Cheval Blanc Paris: France 

Plénitude, helmed by Chef Arnaud Donckele, debuted with a resounding success, earning three Michelin stars within just six months of opening.

Ynyshir: Powys, UK 

Nestled in the remote coast of Wales, Ynyshir has become a culinary hotspot, offering an immersive and unique dining experience, promising up to 31 courses over four hours.

Il Ristorante Niko Romito, Bulgari Resort Dubai: UAE 

Chef Niko Romito’s eponymous restaurant, bestowed with two Michelin stars, showcases creative and classic Italian dishes with a modern touch.

SingleThread: California

Situated in the heart of Sonoma wine country, SingleThread’s cuisine, earning three Michelin stars, celebrates their sustainable farm’s peerless produce.

Le Saint-Martin, Château Saint-Martin Hotel & Spa: Provence, France 

Chef Jean-Luc Lefrançois crafts dishes with ingredients from the chateau’s kitchen gardens at his one Michelin-starred restaurant.

Lung King Heen, Four Seasons Hong Kong 

The first Chinese restaurant in the world to receive three Michelin stars, Lung King Heen, has been a consistent winner under the guidance of Hong Kong’s native chef Chan Yan Tak.

Pergola, Rome Cavalieri, a Waldorf Astoria Hotel: Italy 

Rome’s only three-star Michelin restaurant, La Pergola, provides a majestic view of the city along with sumptuous Mediterranean dishes by chef Heinz Beck.

These heavenly destinations provide a gastronomic journey of a lifetime, making each visit an epicurean delight. Be sure to reserve your spot in advance; your taste buds will thank you.

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