Abandoned at the Airport: The Shocking Story of a Couple Who Left Their Baby Behind

On January 31, 2023, in a stunning turn of events, a couple from Belgium left their baby at an airport check-in desk in Tel Aviv. The pair arrived too late to check in for their Ryanair flight to Brussels, and when they were told they needed to purchase a ticket for the infant, they abandoned the child at the desk and ran off to catch their plane.

The incident caused a commotion, and check-in agents called for assistance, resulting in the couple being chased down by airport security officers. Shocked employees could not believe what they were seeing, with a Ryanair manager telling local reporters that they had never encountered anything like this before.

The parents decided to leave the infant in its carrier on the counter while they made a mad dash for security checkpoints and the terminal beyond in hopes of making it onboard.

According to Israel’s N12 News, the parents decided to leave the infant in its carrier on the counter while they made a mad dash for security checkpoints and the terminal beyond in hopes of making it onboard. However, they were not admitted onto the aircraft and the matter was referred to local law enforcement.

A spokeswoman for Ryanair told CNN that the couple was taken aside for questioning after being reunited with their offspring. However, the trouble seemed to have been settled by the time police officers got to the scene, and the baby was with the parents with no further investigation needed.

It’s unclear why the couple did not purchase a ticket for their child during the online booking process or why they chose to leave the infant behind at the check-in counter. On Ryanair’s website, it is stated that infants can be added to a flight booking while making the reservation online.

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The airline charges €25 ($27) for each one-way flight if the baby sits on an adult’s lap during the journey. If the adults prefer to travel with their baby in a car seat, they must make separate arrangements to purchase a seat for the infant.

The incident highlights the importance of proper planning when traveling with children, especially when it comes to air travel. Parents should ensure that they have all necessary documents and tickets for their child, including any necessary identification or proof of age.

They should also be aware of any airline policies regarding traveling with infants or children, including any fees or charges that may apply.

To conclude, the couple leaving their baby at an airport check-in counter in Tel Aviv is an alarming event that emphasizes the significance of careful preparation and consciousness when flying with kids. While the matter was resolved without further investigation, it serves as a reminder of the potential risks and consequences of neglecting to make the necessary arrangements for children when traveling.


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