Best Puerto Rico All Inclusive Resorts: Top 17 Amazing Honeymoon and Family Resorts

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Puerto Rico is a great place to go on vacation because of its fascinating culture, delicious cuisine, and gorgeous beaches. Travelers are not needed to present a passport for their whole stay in Puerto Rico since it is a US territory.

As compared to the majority of other sites for the greatest island holidays, Puerto Rico is among the most convenient and affordable vacation options among the islands.

It’s important to keep in mind that Puerto Rico still lacks indigenous “all-inclusive” resorts, which also include meals, drink, and amusement as a package offer, in contrast to Mexico and the Caribbean. These really do not exist here, to put it simply.

Nevertheless, there are a ton of wonderful all-inclusive resorts in Puerto Rico with a variety of eateries, clubs, and entertainment RIGHT THERE, enabling you to chill in one location, similar to an all-inclusive experience.

For guests to enjoy, the greatest all-inclusive resorts in Puerto Rico include a range of facilities and entertainment. You may discover an all-inclusive hotel that suits your preferences, whether you’re searching for an opulent beachside hideaway, an action-packed family holiday, or a romantic weekend.

You may access meals, beverages, and activities as part of an all-inclusive package for a single payment.

Puerto Rico has a number of the top all-inclusive resorts. Let’s examine the top all-inclusive resorts in Puerto Rico.

1. Villa Montaña Beach Resort

Villa Montaña Beach Resort

Villa Montaña in Isabela, one of the top all-inclusive resorts in Puerto Rico, offers some of the best island holidays. If you’re searching for a terrific beach vacation, you must stay there. With three miles of exclusive beachfront, this resort is perfect for both adults and family. It is situated on 35 gorgeous acres.

You’ll like the opulent ambiance of the cottages and guest rooms, which are decorated with exquisite furnishings, stunning works of art, and Egyptian cotton linens. The spa-like bathroom has all the comforts and has stunning views.

The resort’s on-site restaurants are managed by a skilled Puerto Rican chef who creates delectable regional cuisine utilizing fresh local ingredients and products from nearby farms.

Both on-site restaurants provide excellent meals in attractive settings, and Eclipse is one of the top restaurants in Puerto Rico thanks to its award-winning wine selection and airy open-air setting.

There are many different services and activities available at Villa Montaña. The most popular water activities at this resort include deep sea fishing, kite surfing, scuba diving, and snorkeling.

There are additional options for golf, biking, and riding a horse. In addition to the private beach, there are two swimming pools for guests to relax in. There are also beachside bonfires with s’mores options. Be sure you book this event in advance only.

Also, the resort welcomes and allows dogs, making it a great option if you’re taking your dog on vacation.

Why Choose Villa Montana Beach Resort 

  • Offers courses in ballet
  • One of Puerto Rico’s top all-inclusive resorts
  • Fantastic for families and grownups
  • Two eating places
  • S’mores and a Beach Bonfire at Award-Winning Wine Vineyards
  • 3 miles of peaceful beach next to a number of golf courses
  • A total of two pools

Check deals at Villa Montaña Beach Resort

2. Copamarina Beach Resort and Spa

Copamarina Beach Resort and Spa

Copamarina’s all-inclusive hotel and spa is a community resort in Guanica, Puerto Rico, and one of the greatest tropical getaway locations. A half-mile of gorgeous beachfront is accessible for leisure and sunbathing, and there are over 20 verdant acres for visitors to explore. It is one of the all-inclusive resorts in Puerto Rico.

Every room at The Copamarina has a terrace or patio with wonderful views and is outfitted for complete comfort. The comfortable beds are intended to ease anxiety and promote healthy sleep.

In Copamarina, you may take advantage of the gorgeous pool, swimming, diving, sail, and other water activities. If guests prefer to spend some time in the water, kayaking and snorkeling are additional options.

One great eating alternative is provided by Copamarina’s restaurants, including the charming Alexandra restaurant and the Las Palmas Café. Both provide wonderfully fresh food that is directly from the farm. Compare to La Cata by Restaurante Alexandra, which offers customers a wonderful interactive dining experience.

The resort will also provide delectable picnic meals for you to enjoy when you’re not on your seaside excursion.

The lodgings are well furnished and designed for your comfort. They are meant to cheer up Copamarina residents. When you rest peacefully in the comfortable mattresses in your room, take in the view from the patio or balcony.

Why Choose Copamarina Puerto Rico All Inclusive Resort and Spa

  • Two pools right beside the ocean
  • Amazing interactive supper on a playground with chef Fernando Nieves
  • 20 acres of tropical land with lavish spa facilities
  • Tolerant of families
  • Dining experiences at two different locations
  • Enjoy Friday’s Live Music and Thursday’s Jazz Night.
  • Among the top all-inclusive hotels in Puerto Rico

It offers more than what guests would expect from a budget resort.

Check deals at Copamarina Beach Resort & Spa

3. La Concha Renaissance San Juan Resort

La Concha Renaissance San Juan Resort

This large, stunning Puerto Rico all-inclusive resort, located on the lovely San Juan oceanfront, is perfect for families and couples. The hub of activity, Condado, is where La Concha is located.

From the resort’s entry gates to its rooms, it is plainly clear that it emanates opulence, charm, and refinement.

That the business is located in Condado, San Juan’s most wealthy neighborhood, which is distinguished by its abundance of gorgeous beaches and palm trees, shouldn’t come as a surprise. The accommodations at La Concha provide opulent suites with facilities like private jacuzzi tubs.

Each room is big, spacious, and built for complete relaxation. The beautiful views of the Caribbean Sea and the white sand beaches are quite popular with tourists.

Three external swimming pools, a magnificent infinity pool with a range of wellness activities are available at La Concha. You may book an insight meditation or utilize the gym, which offers calming yoga lessons and lively Zumba programs.

There are an incredible 7 eateries, bars, and cafes where you may have wonderful meals and drinks while admiring the ocean.Try Solera, a laid-back outdoor restaurant that serves everyday sandwiches, burgers and salads in addition to tapas at night. You may also consider Perla, the premium restaurant. This is a wonderful alternative for a romantic evening for couples.

Why Choose La Concha Puerto Rico All Inclusive Resorts

  • It is simple to go to the beach.
  • It’s one of the top all-inclusive hotels in Puerto Rico.
  • Seven pubs and restaurants
  • The Loft Fun Fitness Courses’s Sunday brunch
  • Cloud Spa Beachfront is one mile away.
  • Fantastic for families and couples
  • Two swimming pools and one infinity pool
  • Nearby lies the El Yunque Rainforest.

Owing to the resort’s close proximity to the capital, you may take advantage of the beauty of the city without having to leave the comfort of your hotel.

Check deals at La Concha Renaissance San Juan Resort

4. Wyndham Grand Rio Mar Puerto Rico Golf & Beach Resort

Wyndham Grand Rio Mar Puerto Rico Golf & Beach Resort

One of the greatest all-inclusive vacations to Puerto Rico is provided by the award-winning Wyndham Grand Rio Mar Golf and Beach Resort. It is situated on a remote beach that extends for over a mile.

One of the top hotels in Puerto Rico, it provides roomy lodging with views of the ocean and a lush jungle. The property is very close to the spectacular El Yunque jungle.

Each modern, stylishly furnished apartment has its own balcony with a view of the beach, the El Yunque Rainforest, or the breathtaking gardens.

All visitors may enjoy services and entertainment at the Wyndham Grand Rio, which has a casino, two top-notch golf courses, and a 7,000 square foot luxury spa. Enjoy three excellent lagoon-style pools, a gorgeous sundeck, and the beach.

Also, the resort offers weekly children’s activities including arts and crafts, bingo, and braiding hair demonstrations.

There are ten dining choices available, offering a variety of cuisines, including the Latin/Asian Fusion of Shima to the relaxed, informal cooking of Iguana’s Pub. A trip wouldn’t be complete without delectable food. The Wyndham Grand Rio Mar is one of the top all-inclusive resorts in Puerto Rico and provides entertainment, eating, and enjoyment.

Why Choose Wyndham Grand Rio Beach Resort and Spa

  • Amazing casino featuring the most recent slot machines and table games
  • 10 eateries and bars
  • costly spa treatments
  • It’s one of the top all-inclusive hotels in Puerto Rico.
  • A pleasant 20,000 square foot sun deck
  • Two golf courses of PGA quality
  • A Two Mile Private Beach Access
  • Three pools with shapes resembling lagoons.
  • Vacations with your family or a significant other are wonderful.

Come and enjoy first-rate cuisine, housing, and services, as well as spectacular vistas that promote a contemplative and relaxing atmosphere. Due to everything said, this place is the greatest all-inclusive resort in Puerto Rico.

Check deals at Wyndham Grand Rio Mar Puerto Rico Golf & Beach Resort

5. El Conquistador Resort

On Puerto Rico’s east coast sits the renowned El Conquistador Resort. Its boundaries include the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

This resort is fantastic for families since it provides a variety of services and activities designed to make your stay and that of your children as enjoyable and peaceful as possible.

The resort benefits from some of the most breathtaking views that include the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean due to its elevated location 300 feet above the ocean.

More than simply a beach vacation is offered at the El Conquistador Resort. The activities available to visitors to Palomino Island include horseback riding, snorkeling, and tours.

Accessible are a calm beach and seven well maintained pools. There are many enjoyable family-friendly activities available. Nonetheless, this all-inclusive resort in Puerto Rico is a terrific destination to go on a romantic holiday.

The famed El Conquistador Resort is located on the eastern coast of Puerto Rico. Both the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean are on each side of it.

There is enough for everyone at the El Conquistador all-inclusive resort in Puerto Rico, which has 10 restaurants and taverns. Visit Bóno or Ballyhoo for upmarket Italian meals and great specialty beverages in a steakhouse setting. The Hightide Rooftop Bar offers a unique rooftop experience with stunning views, so don’t miss it.

Why Choose El Conquistador Resort

  • Excellent ocean views
  • Arthur Hill owns the golf course
  • Coqui Water Park Entry to the rooftop and swim-up bars
  • Four pools are available
  • 10 restaurants and bars
  • Puerto Rico’s top all-inclusive resorts
  • Tolerant of families
  • Access to the private island

Check deals at El Conquistador Resort

6. Hilton Ponce Golf and Casino Resort

Hilton Ponce Golf and Casino Resort

Families and couples will love staying at the Hilton Ponce Golf and Casino Resort in Ponce, Puerto Rico. Large, open rooms and suites come with private balconies.

The rooms may have views of the garden, pool, or seaside. Families may choose interconnected rooms, and lovers will enjoy the blackout curtains after experiencing Puerto Rico’s vibrant nightlife.

In addition to a sizable casino with a variety of slot machines and table games, there is a 27-hole golf course.

The fact that the Mercedita Ponce International Airport is just around 7 miles away is another benefit. It’s a great place to go on vacation.

Why Choose Hilton Ponce Golf and Casino Resort

  • Two pools are available
  • Pleasant sports area
  • One of Puerto Rico’s top all-inclusive resorts with golf links to a 27-hole Champion Course
  • It’s excellent for families because of the connecting rooms.
  • Three bars and restaurants
  • Fantastic for families and couples
  • Newest slots and table games at a casino
  • Fantastic fitness center

Check deals at Hilton Ponce Golf and Casino Resort

7. Dorado Beach, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve

Dorado Beach, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve

The design and classic elegance of this reserve, one of the top family-friendly all-inclusive resorts in Puerto Rico, pays respect to the island’s vibrant culture. Guests may make use of outdoor living spaces, outdoor baths, and artwork that depicts the natural surroundings of each unit.

Use the roomy baths or the exclusive plunge pool. It is situated close to the Casa del Rey museum and the Cerro Gordo National Park on Puerto Rico’s North Coast.

The 50-acre resort is lush and peaceful, with a magnificent beach and old palm trees. This Puerto Rico all-inclusive hotel, located inside a private gated community, is well known as the region’s top golf resort due to its three professionally-run golf courses.

It also has a tennis court and a top-notch spa with therapeutic wooden shacks, pools, water slides, and kiddie playgrounds.

This resort offers open-air, coastal dining with great dishes, including ceviche and oysters, at four outstanding restaurants and bars.

You can try Coa and get a taste of the Puerto Rican Taino culture. Here, local farmers provide the seasonal ingredients. Taste some of the specialities that have a Mi Brasa flavor from a Spanish wood fueled oven. As an alternative, try the open-air splendor and Hispanic and Asian-inspired food at Ivo Sand Bar.

Why Choose Dorado Beach, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve

  • Beautiful Puerto Rico all-inclusive hotels are offered there
  • Two pools are available
  • Three golf courses
  • Private swim suites are accessible
  • Dorado Beach is well located
  • Four bars and restaurants
  • Tolerant of families
  • A culinary hub
  • Experience a posh spa with a conventional healer

The majority of Puerto Rican culture will be experienced as you are given first-rate care.

Check deals at Dorado Beach, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve

8. Fairmont El San Juan Hotel

Fairmont El San Juan Hotel

As its name indicates, the Fairmont El San Juan Hotel is situated in San Juan, the island of Puerto Rico’s capital, on the picturesque Isla Verde Beach.

There is a balcony or veranda with breath-taking views of the Caribbean in every modern room and suite. Also, they provide residences featuring pools, banyan trees, and views of the ocean.

It is located on 15 acres and has a remote shoreline of more than 1.2 miles.

The Fairmont El San Juan, one of the greatest hotels in San Juan, Puerto Rico, has eight restaurants and bars serving cuisine from all over the globe. Try Cana for an exquisite mix of regional Puerto Rican flavors in a large setting. With these preferences, one can confirm that Fairmount El is one of Puerto Rico’s top all-inclusive resorts.

If you want to go out for the evening, head to Riva for their five course tasting menu. As an alternative, have a traditional family dinner at Il Sole Pizza.

If you want more adventure, think about surfing, snorkeling, riding a banana boat, or playing beach ball games. The Spa Well & Being provides a range of luxurious, personally fulfilling encounters in an opulent health spa setting.

Live music makes everyone in the family happy every evening. The Kids Club offers a variety of activities for kids, including a big-screen for movie nights, ping pong, air hockey, foosball, and computer games.

It really ranks among the top all-inclusive resorts in Puerto Rico.

Check deals at Fairmont El San Juan Hotel

9. St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort

St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort

If you’re looking for a stunning and opulent Caribbean vacation at one of the top Puerto Rico all-inclusive resorts, this beachfront resort is perfect.

It is located on a long, deserted beach that’s over a mile long.

The hotel provides ample rooms with views of the beach and a lush forest. The residence is nestled against the stunning El Yunque jungle.

The St. Regis Bar is one of three restaurants here, and it serves as a great place to have a drink and some appetizers before dinner. Try some Greek and Mediterranean dishes at Paros Restaurant.

There is a wide variety of entertainment options, including a casino, ten bars, restaurants, a wildlife sanctuary, tennis courts, a spa, a health club, and championship golf courses.

Check deals at St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort

10. Parador Palmas de Lucia

Parador Palmas de Lucia

Parador Palmas de Lucia is an all-inclusive resort in Puerto Rico, situated on the island’s southeastern coast. It has a laid-back, retro vibe reminiscent of the Caribbean of years gone by in both its design and furnishings.

In addition to a superb restaurant, this facility has first-rate features including a huge, attractive pool, a fully-stocked fitness center, and relaxing hammocks.

It has all you require for a relaxing vacation in Puerto Rico, and the rooms are beautiful and airy.

This inexpensive hotel has received rave reviews from its guests. Specifically, it is in Yabucoa.

Wonderful dining and drinking are available at the resort, with a focus on Caribbean food and fine wine.

In addition, visitors may enjoy activities such as swimming at the pool or on the beach, playing volleyball or hoops, or just lounging in a hammock and taking in the breathtaking scenery.

Check deals at St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort

11. Parador Guánica 1929

Parador Guánica 1929

The Parador Guanica is an essential stop for any traveler with an appreciation for the past or a knack for architecture.

The Capron Citadel, the Guanica Dry Forest, and the beautiful Ensenada Bay are all within easy walking distance from the hotel.

Located on the shores of Guanica Bay, this all-inclusive resort in Puerto Rico is operated by a friendly family.

The all-inclusive Parador Guanica in Puerto Rico is a historic hotel with original fixtures and fittings.

Learn everything there is to learn about the pre-Columbian era in Puerto Rico. Those who wish to be immersed in a place’s past and present while on vacation will like this ancient mansion.

Delicious local cuisine can be enjoyed at the hotel’s indoor or al fresco restaurant, and afterward guests may repose in rooms that are tastefully furnished in tropical themes.

If you’re on a tighter budget, the Parador Guanica is a great choice. It delivers a wonderful combination of pricing and facilities and elevates it to the finest of Puerto Rico all-inclusive hotels.

Check deals at Parador Guánica 1929.

12. Hyatt Place Manati

Hyatt Place Manati

The hotel is family-friendly and features a pool and free wi-fi. It’s close to Mar Chiquita beach, one of Manati’s best beaches.

Each room’s spacious layout has various conveniences, such as individual sleeping and sitting areas, beds, and kitchens completely furnished with all necessary items. Rooms are large and equipped with a variety of amenities, including separate bedrooms, living spaces, and fully-stocked kitchens.

Visitors visiting the Hyatt Place Manati, one of the top all-inclusive resorts in Puerto Rico, will feel as if they have been whisked away to a faraway land.

Check deals at Hyatt Place Manati

13. San Juan Marriott Resort and Stellaris Casino

San Juan Marriott Resort and Stellaris Casino

San Juan, Puerto Rico’s capital, is home to the luxurious Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino. The resort’s name reveals its precise location. It’s a top-tier Puerto Rico all-inclusive resort.

This Caribbean paradise is owned and operated by the prestigious Marriott Hotels & Resorts chain. In Old San Juan, where you’ll find a wide variety of activities, exciting nightlife areas, and fantastic shopping, is the Marriott, which is on the world-famous Condado Beach.

One of the all-inclusive hotels in Puerto Rico, the San Juan Marriott Resort is renowned for its plush, luxurious accommodations. In addition, this resort has spectacular scenery of the Caribbean Sea.

A wide selection of elegant restaurants, bars, pubs, and cafes serving delicious international and Caribbean cuisine can be found throughout the resort. All-inclusive resorts in Puerto Rico prepare all of these items to a high standard.

In the Red Coral Lounge, you may have a fantastic meal, sip one of the lounge’s specialty cocktails, and witness a performance by a skilled group of artists.

If you’re looking to stay active while on vacation in Puerto Rico, you can do so at the hotel by making advantage of the state-of-the-art fitness center and the heated outdoor pool.

Check deals at San Juan Marriott Resort and Stellaris Casino

14. San Juan Water and Beach Club Hotel

San Juan Water and Beach Club Hotel

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive resort in San Juan, Puerto Rico, go no farther than the San Juan Water and Beach Club Hotel. The San Juan International Airport is merely a short drive away.

It’s one of the ritzy all-inclusive resorts in Puerto Rico, and its Zen-like aesthetic is achieved via the use of white and blue.

The beachfront resort has several facilities, including opulent apartments outfitted with contemporary furniture, a rooftop bar and restaurant, an infinity pool on the property’s rooftop, and a fitness center. The beachfront resort is one of the best places in Puerto Rico for a romantic getaway because of its idyllic setting.

Check deals at San Juan Water and Beach Club Hotel

15. Condado Ocean Club

Condado Ocean Club

Among the greatest Puerto Rico all-inclusive beachfront resorts, the Condado Ocean Club stands out for its prime location in the picturesque Condado neighborhood of San Juan. Suites at this resort provide private balconies and stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

One of the four restaurants of the Condado Ocean Club, The Social is renowned for its casually classy atmosphere and well curated food.

You might also unwind with some tapas and specialty beverages in Jade, its own little cove.

Weekends and nights are reserved for exclusive parties and guest DJ sets to guarantee you have a fantastic time on vacation.

Check deals at Condado Ocean Club

16. Condado Vanderbilt Hotel

Condado Vanderbilt Hotel

Hotel customers consistently rate the Condado Vanderbilt as among the island’s top options for 5-star, all-inclusive luxury. This hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico’s capital, first welcomed guests in 1919. It was built using Spanish revival design principles.

The resort may have been built in 1919, but it has undergone major renovations that have brought it up to par with other top-tier hotels across the globe in terms of both amenities and style.

Guests may enjoy the hotel’s four swimming pools, terrace restaurants, spa, fitness center, wellness center, and other luxuries while taking in breathtaking views of the ocean.

Superb meals served by highly trained chefs and unparalleled accommodations are only two examples of how the hotel exceeds the expectations of its customers. Resorts in Puerto Rico that include all meals and drinks are well worth a trip.

Check deals at Condado Vanderbilt Hotel

17. Caribe Hilton

Caribe Hilton

This is one of the most opulent all-inclusive beachfront resorts in San Juan, the island’s capital. The property is owned by Hilton Worldwide Holdings. The resort is situated to provide stunning views of the ocean and the surrounding gardens.

It’s one of the top all-inclusive resorts in Puerto Rico, and its almost 17 acres of lush greenery, palm trees, and regal decor make it a must-visit for vacationers.

Its facilities and services are second to none, making for a really luxurious stay.

The Caribe Hilton has a conference center that can hold up to three thousand people, nine restaurants and bars, a spa, swimming pools, a hammock garden, and much more.

It is conveniently located among the restaurants and shops of the Paseo Caribe.

Check deals at Caribe Hilton

The Best Puerto Rico All Inclusive Resorts: The Takeaway

All-inclusive resorts in Puerto Rico are a wonderful way to enjoy the Caribbean. There is a wide range of possible destinations, from five-star seaside resorts to cozy mountain cabins. A luxury all-inclusive resort in Puerto Rico that can meet your demands, whether you want a quiet honeymoon or a lively family holiday.

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