Busy Thanksgiving Travel: Highways Packed and Air Travel Peaks

Expect crowded roads and record air travel this Thanksgiving. Over 55 million to travel, with airports bracing for all-time highs. Get insights and tips here.

Anticipated to be the busiest Thanksgiving period in years with 55.4 million travelers.
Air travel hit record numbers, with over 3 million seats flown the Sunday after Thanksgiving.
Best travel times: Wednesday morning and Sunday morning to avoid peak traffic.

The Great Thanksgiving Getaway Begins

As you’re planning your Thanksgiving journey, brace yourself for bustling highways and jam-packed airports. Experts are forecasting an influx of travelers hitting the road and taking to the skies, making it one of the busiest holiday seasons we’ve seen in a while.

Record-Breaking Skies and Busy Highways

Whether you’re planning to travel by land or air, you’ll be joining a massive wave of 55.4 million people who have similar plans. With more than 49 million Americans expected to drive, and airports preparing for a historic rush, it’s clear that the travel bug has bitten the nation hard this year.

Changing Travel Trends Post-Pandemic

The post-pandemic landscape has transformed how we travel. The rise of hybrid and remote work schedules has given many the flexibility to extend their holiday excursions. No longer confined to the typical five-day travel window, Americans are spreading out their travel times, potentially easing some congestion but still contributing to the overall travel volume.

Airlines Prepare for Unprecedented Passenger Volumes

Airlines aren’t taking this surge lightly, with expectations of record traffic and preparations for a flurry of holiday flyers. American, Delta, and United are gearing up to transport a staggering number of passengers, surpassing last year’s numbers and setting new records.

Navigating the Thanksgiving Travel Tide

With the Sunday after Thanksgiving pegged as the busiest air travel day of the year, and the Wednesday before as the peak for road traffic, strategizing your travel times could save you from the worst of the congestion. Early morning travel on these days is your best bet for a smoother journey.

This holiday season, while a time of joy and gathering, is also a time of significant movement. With a bit of planning and patience, you can navigate the busy travel landscape and make it to your Thanksgiving destination with ease. Safe travels!

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