ELASTICOfarm’s Tree-Inspired Home: An Ingenious Blend of Nature and Architecture

Dive into the story of Stefano Pujatti’s latest masterpiece – a dwelling that harmoniously integrates with nature, designed by his firm, ELASTICOFarm.

ELASTICOfarm’s 'The Hole with the House Around,' conceived by Stefano Pujatti, is an architectural marvel that integrates the built environment with natural elements.
The house extends beyond the traditional box concept, constructing a novel architectural space that interacts with the environment through a central void filled with growing trees.
The structure of the house is a blend of galvanized steel and forked metal pillars, demonstrating both efficiency and elegance while prioritizing energy efficiency.

The Creative Brainchild of ELASTICOfarm: A Home Amidst the Trees

In the quiet town of Cambiano in Northern Italy, an architectural marvel stands tall. Stefano Pujatti, the mind behind the globally renowned firm ELASTICOfarm, has designed a residence that defies the conventional. He whimsically calls this innovative creation ‘The Hole with the House Around,’ a tribute to its unique configuration around a central void.

The project leverages the aesthetics of an existing 1970s residential building and rises above it, paying homage to the past while pushing architectural boundaries. A clever blend of the old and the new, this galvanized steel abode is like no other, perched on a slew of stilts and surrounded by a lush green void, mirroring the look of a treetop canopy.

Breaking Free from Conventional Boxed Architecture

Rather than just revamping the existing infrastructure, ‘The Hole with the House Around’ took a daring leap. It leaped from the earth, embracing the existing structure and crafting a new norm in architecture. Pujatti’s design cleverly disassembles the conventional box, allowing an assemblage of volumes to coalesce around a central open space. This pivotal move discloses an unsuspected synergy with the surrounding environment as trees shoot up through the center, weaving nature into the very fabric of the home.

The ELASTICOfarm team, headed by Pujatti, seizes the opportunity to rethink post-war architectural heritage. Instead of merely expanding the original villa, they erect an entirely new building on the same plot, fusing past and present. The erstwhile roof is demolished to pave the way for a terrace offering breathtaking views of the Alpine range.

Dive into the story of Stefano Pujatti’s latest masterpiece – a dwelling that harmoniously integrates with nature, designed by his firm, ELASTICOFarm.

ELASTICOfarm’s Ingenious Elevation

The architectural wonder of ‘The Hole with the House Around’ goes beyond conventional dwellings. It lifts itself to treetop heights, creating an enclosure of volumes that wrap around a central courtyard. This courtyard, exposed to the open sky, forms the heart of the design.

The building’s body, assembled from prefabricated galvanized steel and primarily upheld by tall forked metal pillars, radiates an aura of efficiency and elegance. The home’s energy-efficient design is boosted by dry construction methods such as polyurethane spray insulation.

Merging with the Landscape: A Gradual Journey into the Home

The entrance to the house is a suspended, open metal staircase that presents a gradual journey through surrounding trees. The fluctuating landscape peaks at the living quarters, where the structure seamlessly merges with the verdant vegetation.

Upon entering, the courtyard unfurls its green splendor, boasting tall birch trees that reach out to the sky. The living area extends to the dining room, which connects to a terrace that opens to a rooftop garden. The kitchen, in the northeast corner, is ideally located for the owner – a chef, to keep an eye on the house, terrace, and garden. The house’s inner pathway winds counterclockwise around the courtyard, leading to the service areas and sleeping quarters before circling back to the entrance area.

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