How to Win Travel Competitions & Get a Free Holiday: A Complete Guide

Winning a free holiday through travel competitions isn’t just about luck; it involves strategy, effort, and a bit of creativity. Here’s how to increase your chances and possibly score a fantastic trip without spending a dime.

Use platforms like Competition Fox, Loquax, and Wanderlust to find various travel competitions​​.
Enter contests that require more effort for a better chance of winning. Focus on quality and creativity in your submissions​​​.
A strong social media presence can help in vote-based competitions, but avoid over-promotion and follow the competition rules​​.

Know Where to Find Competitions

Start by looking for competitions on platforms that compile them, such as Competition Fox, Loquax, Money Saving Expert, Wanderlust, and Travel Scoop. These sites gather the latest travel competition listings, making it easy for you to find and enter multiple contests​​​.

The Effort vs. Reward Principle

The general rule of thumb is: the more effort required to enter (e.g., creating videos, photos, or writing), the fewer people will bother, thus increasing your chances. Competitions that are hard to enter or have low visibility due to being shared within niche groups or less popular platforms are your best bet​​​.

Quantity vs. Quality

While entering as many competitions as possible can boost your chances, focus on contests where you can genuinely showcase creativity or personal interest. Sharing a personal story, creating a unique video, or taking a photo that stands out can make a significant difference. Always read the terms and conditions carefully to ensure your entry meets all the criteria​​​.

Manage Your Entries

Consider setting up a dedicated email account for your entries to keep track of competitions and avoid spam. Remember to check this email regularly for any winner announcements or further instructions​​​.

Success Stories

Inspirational stories of winners can motivate you. For instance, someone won a flight to Sweden and accommodations for 20 people just by entering their email address. Another person won a luxury cruise by simply dropping their business card in a bowl. These stories highlight the diverse ways people have won and the importance of just entering​.

Social Media and Networking

Having a strong social media presence can be advantageous, especially in vote-based competitions. However, be cautious of over-promoting and potentially annoying your network. Authentic, engaging content that resonates with your audience can naturally garner support without the need for buying votes, which is often frowned upon and against the rules​.

Last-Minute Entries

Sometimes, entering a competition at the last minute can be strategic, especially if there are few or no entries yet. This reduces the chance for others to see your entry and decide they can do better​.

Winning a travel competition requires combining strategy, creativity, and persistence. By putting in some extra effort, making your entries stand out, and choosing your competitions wisely, you could be on your way to winning an unforgettable holiday. Remember, every entry is a step closer to potentially winning, so keep trying, and your travel dreams might just come true.

Zoe Wallace

Zoe Wallace is the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) and contributing Travel Author of She is a leading expert in recruitment and a renowned travel influencer who journeys across the globe, capturing and sharing her extraordinary experiences. She uses her expertise to help people land jobs and advance their careers. Aside from that, her vibrant visuals and engaging storytelling immerse her followers in diverse cultures and breathtaking landscapes. Zoe's passion for exploration and commitment to responsible and sustainable traveling inspires many to embark on their own adventures and appreciate the world's myriad wonders.

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