9 Best Mountains to Climb: Ultimate Guide to Mountain Climbing

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9 Best Mountains to Climb: Ultimate Guide to Mountain Climbing

Do you want to try an adventure vacation like mountain climbing?

Even if you’re a beginner, we’ve featured tips to help you get started, including the 9 best mountain peaks that are worth the hike!

Get tips for climbing Mount Fuji, Mount Kosciuszko, Pikes Peak, Mount Snowdon, Volcán Cotopaxi, Breiskrednosi, Corno Grande, Mount Olympus, and Island Peak, and enjoy the incredible views and exciting adventures offered by each summit.

Key Takeaways
  • Many mountains, like Mount Fuji and Mount Kosciuszko, offer well-marked trails and facilities like mountain huts, making them accessible even for beginners.
  • Proper preparation, including choosing the right season and having the necessary gear and knowledge, is essential for a safe and enjoyable mountain climbing experience.
  • For more challenging mountains like Corno Grande and Volcán Cotopaxi, considering a guided tour can enhance safety and enrich the climbing experience.

1. Mount Fuji, Japan

Why It’s Best for Beginners

Mount Fuji is a popular choice for beginners due to its well-marked trails and the availability of mountain huts for rest and safety.

The mountain is iconic in Japan and offers a relatively accessible experience for those new to mountain climbing.

Tips for Climbing Mount Fuji

Climbing Mount Fuji is best attempted during the official climbing season, which runs from early July to mid-September.

This is when weather conditions are more stable and the huts are operational. Due to their popularity, booking these huts in advance is advisable.

Beginners should opt for the Yoshida Trail, known for its ease and amenities.

2. Mount Kosciuszko, Australia

Why It’s Best for Beginners

As Australia’s highest peak, Mount Kosciuszko offers easy trails that are well-marked and provide stunning views.

It can be summited in a day, making it ideal for beginners looking for a straightforward and rewarding hike.

Tips for Climbing Mount Kosciuszko

The climb is most enjoyable during the warmer months, from November to March. The main trail is accessible via a chairlift from Thredbo, significantly reducing walking distance.

Always be prepared with water, sunscreen, and layers of clothing to adjust to changing temperatures.

3. Pikes Peak, USA

Why It’s Best for Beginners

Pikes Peak in Colorado is known for its accessibility and stunning views. The mountain has multiple trails of varying difficulty, making it suitable for beginners who want to gradually challenge themselves.

Tips for Climbing Pikes Peak

The Barr Trail is the most popular route for beginners, but prepare for a long hike. Acclimating to the altitude is essential, as Pikes Peak is quite high.

Weather can change rapidly, so it’s wise to bring appropriate gear for cold and unpredictable conditions. The best months to climb are between June and August.

4. Mount Snowdon, UK

Why It’s Best for Beginners

Mount Snowdon is a favored choice for beginners due to its variety of routes, each offering different experiences and difficulties.

The most beginner-friendly path, the Llanberis Path, is often referred to as the Tourist Path due to its gentle gradient and straightforward navigation. It’s well-suited for families and those new to mountain hiking.

Tips for Climbing Mount Snowdon

Beginners should consider starting with the Llanberis Path due to its easier and more direct route. However, it can be quite busy, especially in the summer months.

For a quieter experience, the Rhyd Ddu Path offers beautiful views with fewer crowds but includes some steeper sections.

Always check the weather before your hike, as conditions can change rapidly. Essential gear includes good walking shoes, waterproof clothing, and navigational tools like a map and compass.

5. Volcán Cotopaxi, Ecuador

Why It’s Best for Beginners

Volcán Cotopaxi is an excellent mountain for beginners ready for a challenge due to its clear paths and the requirement of a guide, which ensures safety and direction.

The climb is strenuous but doable for those with good stamina, offering a thrilling experience at a significant altitude.

Tips for Climbing Volcán Cotopaxi

Due to the altitude and occasional tough terrain, climbers should be physically healthy. It’s essential to acclimatize to the altitude before attempting the summit.

Beginners should be well-prepared with appropriate cold-weather gear and possibly some basic familiarity with using crampons and an ice axe.

Having a guide is mandatory, and this can be arranged through various adventure packages.

6. Breiskrednosi, Norway

Why It’s Best for Beginners

Breiskrednosi’s steep paths and stunning fjord views provide an exciting challenge for beginners. Its lower elevation compared to other mountains makes it a unique climb.

The journey starts with a boat or kayak to the trailhead, adding an element of adventure right from the start.

Tips for Climbing Breiskrednosi

The hike can be quite challenging due to the steep paths and potential snow cover. Having some basic hiking experience and being prepared for variable weather conditions is advisable.

The views from the summit are rewarding, making the challenging trek worthwhile. It’s also less frequented than popular hikes, offering a more serene experience.

7. Corno Grande, Italy

Why It’s Best for Beginners

Corno Grande, the highest peak in the Apennines, presents a significant challenge but is achievable with some preparation.

It offers spectacular views of the Calderone glacier and surrounding landscapes.

Tips for Climbing Corno Grande

For those aiming to climb Corno Grande, the trail from Campo Imperatore is recommended as it is well-trodden and marked.

Summer months are ideal due to more stable weather conditions and less snow.

However, due to residual snow, proper gear, such as crampons and an ice axe, is necessary even in summer.

Beginners should be prepared for a physical challenge, as the climb involves steep sections and rocky terrain.

It’s advisable to check with locals for current conditions and possibly hire a guide for safety.

8. Mount Olympus, Greece

Why It’s Best for Beginners

Mount Olympus is known for its mythological significance and offers a range of routes, some of which are suitable for beginners with some scrambling experience.

The mountain’s varied terrain provides a rewarding challenge with incredible views from the home of the Greek gods.

Tips for Climbing Mount Olympus

Beginners should prepare for a physically demanding hike that involves some technical sections.

Good scrambling skills, proper hiking boots, and possibly climbing equipment are essential.

Planning the climb during the drier months will help avoid slippery conditions. Joining a guided tour can enhance safety and provide a more enriching experience​.

9. Island Peak, Nepal

Why It’s Best for Beginners

Island Peak is considered one of the more accessible 20,000-foot mountains, offering adventurers a taste of high-altitude climbing without the extreme technical challenges of taller peaks.

Tips for Climbing Island Peak

Climbers should be well-prepared with proper mountaineering gear, including crampons and ice axes.

Previous experience with high-altitude trekking is beneficial, though the peak is often chosen as a first expedition into high-altitude mountaineering.

To manage the inherent risks of high-altitude climbing, spend time acclimatizing and planning the climb with a reputable guide or expedition company​.

Ready to Conquer the Peaks?

Each peak that we’ve highlighted offers unique landscapes and experiences that promise to enrich your love for hiking and climbing.

However, you can still do a few things to ensure you have the best possible experience — prepare adequately, choose the right season, and consider using a local guide.

Start planning your adventure today and enter the world of breathtaking views and unforgettable journeys! Don’t wait — the mountains are calling!

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