Turkish Airlines Translation Booths | Turkey Travel Safety Guide

Get the latest travel safety advice for Turkey and learn about Turkish Airlines’ new real-time translation booths for a seamless journey.

Turkish Airlines introduces real-time translation booths to aid non-English speakers.
Most of Turkey remains safe for tourists despite regional concerns.
Travel advisories focus on areas near the Syrian border and specific provinces.

Turkish Airlines Customer Service Innovation

Turkish Airlines has launched an innovative service to enhance the customer experience for non-English-speaking passengers. By introducing real-time translation booths in airports, the airline seeks to bridge communication gaps, ensuring travelers can easily access flight and service information in their own language.

Real-Time Translation Booths in Action

The SmartMic devices, supporting 52 languages and 72 accents, allow passengers to communicate with airline staff in their native language. This service is currently available at various airports, including Istanbul and other regional airports in Turkey, aiming for a seamless travel experience.

The Impact of SmartMic Devices

Turkish Airlines has deployed 100 SmartMic devices across various airports, including its home hub in Istanbul and regional airports such as Adana, Ankara, Antalya, Bodrum, Dalaman, and Izmir. CEO Bilal Ekşi expressed enthusiasm about this initiative, emphasizing the airline’s commitment to connecting the world and making travel accessible to everyone, regardless of nationality​.

Is It Safe to Travel to Turkey Right Now?

The safety of traveling to Turkey varies depending on the specific regions within the country. The overall situation is that while most areas in Turkey are safe and tourist-friendly, certain regions, especially those near the border with Syria, have been advised against travel due to safety concerns.

Key Points on Safety in Turkey:

  • General Safety: The majority of tourist destinations in Turkey are considered safe. Cities like Istanbul and Antalya remain popular with tourists and have not been directly impacted by conflict in neighboring regions​.
  • Advice Against Travel: The UK Foreign Office and the Turkey Travel Advisory recommend avoiding all travel within 10km of the Syrian border and advise against all but essential travel to Sirnak city and Hakkari province due to security concerns​​​.
  • Terrorist Threats and Natural Disasters: While the terrorist threat level is deemed ‘very high’ by the UK Foreign Office, it’s important to note that tourist areas, restaurants, shops, and public transportation are common places for thefts and pickpocketing rather than terrorist attacks. Turkey is also prone to experiencing wildfires during the summer​​​.
  • Travel Insurance and Precautions: Travelers are advised to get appropriate travel insurance covering their itinerary and planned activities. It’s crucial to stay alert, avoid demonstrations and crowds, and monitor local media for up-to-date information​​​.

Traveling to Turkey can be a safe and enjoyable experience if you stay informed about the current situation, avoid regions with travel advisories, and take standard precautions typical for international travel. As with any destination, the situation can change, so it’s essential to check the latest travel advisories and local news before planning your trip to ensure a safe and smooth experience.

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