Top 16 Wellness Retreats for Women: Health Benefits, Prices, and Best Picks

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Top 16 Wellness Retreats for Women: Health Benefits, Prices, and Best Picks

Wellness retreats offer a break from daily stress and focus on improving physical and mental health through various activities.

They provide a space for personal growth, relaxation, and connecting with like-minded individuals, all while promoting healthy eating and holistic healing practices.

Key Takeaways
  • Wellness retreats help reduce stress through serene environments and relaxing activities.
  • Physical health is improved with yoga, hiking, fitness classes, and spa treatments.
  • Mental clarity and emotional healing are fostered through mindfulness practices and therapeutic sessions.

Benefits of Wellness Retreats for Women

Wellness retreats offer many benefits tailored specifically for women. Here are some key advantages you can enjoy:

  1. Stress Reduction: Wellness retreats take you away from daily stress and place you in a calm, peaceful environment. Activities like yoga, meditation, and nature walks help relax your mind and body, making you feel more at peace.
  2. Physical Health Improvement: Many retreats focus on activities like yoga, hiking, and fitness classes. These activities help improve your flexibility, strength, and heart health. Personalized fitness programs and spa treatments also contribute to your overall well-being.
  3. Mental Clarity and Emotional Healing: Retreats often include mindfulness and meditation practices that clear your mind, improve your focus, and help you heal emotionally. Workshops and therapy sessions provide tools to manage stress and emotional challenges, leading to better mental health.
  4. Personal Growth and Self-Discovery: Wellness retreats give you time to reflect on yourself and your life. Through journaling, setting personal goals, and attending growth workshops, you can explore your inner self and understand your purpose and desires better.
  5. Connection with Like-Minded Individuals: Retreats bring together women from different backgrounds, creating a sense of community and support. Sharing experiences and joining group activities help build lasting friendships and a support network, which can be very empowering and comforting.
  6. Healthy Eating and Nutrition Education: Most retreats focus on healthy eating by providing nutritious meals, often organic. Many also offer nutrition workshops and cooking classes to teach women about healthy eating habits and maintaining a balanced diet.
  7. Digital Detox: Wellness retreats allow you to fully disconnect from technology and constant connectivity, allowing you to focus on your well-being. This digital detox can lead to better sleep, improved concentration, and a deeper sense of peace.
  8. Holistic Healing: Many retreats include holistic practices like Ayurveda, reiki, sound healing, and aromatherapy. These practices help heal you physically, mentally, and spiritually, offering a complete approach to wellness.

Top Wellness Retreats for Women in 2024

Wellness retreats offer a sanctuary where women can recharge, rejuvenate, and reconnect with themselves.

Here are the 16 best wellness retreats designed specifically for women in 2024.

1. Art of Living Retreat Center – Boone, North Carolina

Nestled in the serene Blue Ridge Mountains, the Art of Living Retreat Center offers various retreats tailored for women, including Ayurveda treatments, yoga, meditation, and nature trails.

Options like the Discover Ayurveda Solo Escape provide personalized wellness plans, while the Girlfriends Wellness Escape and Mother-Daughter Wellness Escape focus on nurturing relationships through shared wellness activities.

Prices range from $549 to $1505 per person, making it accessible for different budgets​​.

2. Nemacolin – Farmington, Pennsylvania

Nemacolin’s sprawling 2,200-acre resort is perfect for a rejuvenating getaway. Their Yoga Power Retreat features over 25 yoga sessions, including unique offerings like aerial yoga and bungee fitness.

While this retreat is open to all, it is an excellent opportunity for women to gather and enjoy various wellness activities.

The full retreat pass is $400, with additional lodging costs​.

3. C Lazy U Ranch – Granby, Colorado

For those who love the great outdoors, the C Lazy U Ranch retreat offers a women-only retreat known as Ladies and Lassos Cowgirl Getaway.

This retreat includes daily horseback riding, horsemanship clinics, guided trail rides, and mindful exercises.

Prices range from $636 to $760 per person, depending on the accommodation type.

4. Companhia das Culturas Ecodesign & Spa Hotel – Algarve, Portugal

This retreat combines wellness with sustainability. It offers yoga, sound healing, and mindfulness sessions in the picturesque Algarve.

Guests can enjoy the beautiful beaches and fishing villages while participating in wellness activities led by experienced practitioners​.

5. Blackberry Farm – Walland, Tennessee

Blackberry Farm is a luxury retreat set in the Great Smoky Mountains. It offers various wellness activities, including yoga, HIIT, Barre, guided trail running, and mindfulness sessions.

Guests can also enjoy farm-to-table dining and spa treatments, with prices starting at $595 per night​.

6. Civana Wellness Resort & Spa – Scottsdale, Arizona

Civana offers over 70 complimentary wellness classes each week, including yoga, fitness, personal growth, and spiritual workshops.

It is located in the Sonoran Desert and provides a serene environment with access to athletic courts, trails, and pools. Prices here start at $269 per night​​.

7. Miraval Arizona – Tucson, Arizona

Miraval is a holistic retreat that focuses on the mind, body, and spirit. It offers activities such as yoga, meditation, fitness classes, and spa treatments.

Guests can also participate in workshops and personal growth sessions, with rates starting at $1,080 per night per person​​.

8. Sharpham Trust Woodland Retreat – UK

For nature lovers, the Sharpham Trust offers a unique woodland retreat. Guests stay in bell tents and engage in guided meditations, movement practices, and nature awareness activities.

The retreat also provides organic vegetarian meals. It’s a budget-friendly option focused on mindfulness and nature connection​.

9. Menogo Wellness Retreats – Spain

This luxury retreat focuses on menopause and women’s health and is ideal for women seeking hormonal balance and mind-body wellness.

Set in the Andalucian countryside, it includes yoga, meditation, life coaching, and healthy meals designed for hormonal health.

10. Chicks on Waves Yoga & Surf Weeks – Portugal

This retreat combines yoga and surfing and is set in the beautiful Sagres Algarve. It offers daily yoga classes and surf lessons, focusing on simplicity and quality.

It’s an affordable option with shared accommodation and healthy meals.

11. The Chopra Center – California, USA

The Chopra Center’s women’s retreat at the Omni La Costa Resort & Spa includes Shakti yoga, meditation, and workshops focused on female health and self-care.

Guests enjoy Ayurvedic meals and luxurious spa treatments — it’s a luxury retreat to unlock female potential​.

12. Cosmic Serpent Retreats – Ubud, Bali

Founded by Australian sisters, this retreat combines yoga, movement, reiki, and astrology.

It offers a unique sensory experience that connects participants to their true essence and allows them to live in alignment with their energy.

This retreat takes place in the mystical setting of Ubud, Bali​.

13. Obsidian Retreats – Tepoztlan, Mexico

Obsidian Retreats focus on self-discovery and personal growth through practices like movement, breathwork, and sound healing.

The upcoming retreat in Tepoztlan offers a profound experience of clarity and self-exploration in the healing mountains of Mexico​).

14. Evolve Retreats – Bowen Island, Canada

Led by yoga and pilates teacher Mikaela Millington, Evolve Retreats provide opportunities for self-reflection and community building.

The retreat, set in a beautiful forested area, includes yoga, guided journaling, intention setting, and relaxation activities.

15. Salvaje Wild Woman Retreats – Todos Santos, Mexico

This retreat is designed to help women release societal expectations and connect with their wild essence.

It includes yoga, meditation, sound healing, and workshops in a stunning location between the desert and the sea.

16. Exhale Yoga Retreats – Various Locations

Rachel Wainwright founded Exhale Yoga Retreats, which offers yoga, life coaching, and primal movement practices.

These retreats aim to provide a transformative experience through movement and self-discovery​.

Ready to Rejuvenate? Your Wellness Retreat Awaits!

Investing in yourself is the best gift you can give. These top wellness retreats for women in 2024 offer diverse experiences, from luxurious escapes in serene mountains to budget-friendly nature immersions and transformative journeys of self-discovery.

Whether you’re seeking relaxation, adventure, or a profound inner journey, there’s a perfect retreat waiting for you.

Take the first step towards a healthier, happier you by checking out these retreats and choosing the one that most resonates with your needs and desires.

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