Art Basel Hong Kong 2024: Must-See Booths and Guide to This Year’s Highlights

Art Basel Hong Kong returns to its pre-pandemic scale, with 243 galleries from over 40 countries showcasing modern and contemporary art.

This guide offers a detailed look at the highlights, best booths, key sectors, and unique points of the year’s most anticipated art fair.

Art Basel Hong Kong returns to its pre-pandemic scale, with 243 galleries from over 40 countries showcasing modern and contemporary art​​​.
The Encounters sector presents large-scale installations, with many projects created exclusively for the fair, embodying this year's theme, 'I am a part of all that I have met.'
A strong focus on emerging artists and galleries, with new participants and a special emphasis on young collectors, reflects the dynamic evolution of the art market​​​.

Art Basel Hong Kong 2024: Grand Return to Pre-Pandemic Scale

Art Basel Hong Kong 2024 is heralded as a landmark event, marking a triumphant return to the grandeur reminiscent of the pre-pandemic era. 

Slated for March 28 to 30 at the prestigious Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, this year’s edition is expected to dazzle art enthusiasts and collectors, featuring an impressive assembly of 243 premier galleries from over 40 countries and territories.

The Encounters Sector: A Realm of Large-Scale Innovations

A centerpiece of Art Basel Hong Kong 2024 is the Encounters sector, aptly themed ‘I am a part of all that I have met.’

This year, it showcases 16 large-scale projects, including 11 specially commissioned for the event, representing the highest number of projects since the inception of Encounters.

Highlights include Haegue Yang’s anthropomorphic ratan sculptures and Jitish Kallat’s large-scale drawings, among others, showcasing diverse artistic expressions from across the globe​.

Art Beyond Borders: Installations and Global Galleries

In addition to the main venue, Art Basel extends its reach across Hong Kong, featuring installations such as Daniel Boyd’s dot paintings at Pacific Place and Yang Fudong’s black-and-white film on Hong Kong architecture at M+.

The fair also introduces the Kabinett sector with 33 galleries focusing on thematic solo presentations, reflecting a deep commitment to showcasing diverse artistic narratives from the Asia-Pacific region and beyond​​​.

Spotlight on Emerging Artists and Galleries

This year’s fair is not just about established names but also about discovering the new voices shaping the future of art.

Among the newcomers are 23 international galleries participating for the first time, offering fresh perspectives and innovative artworks. 

Additionally, a selection of emerging Asian artists, such as Fuyuhiko Takata, Antonia Kuo, and Sameer Kulavoor, is set to captivate audiences with their groundbreaking works, exploring themes from urban transformation to the interplay of photography and painting​​​.

Cultural Synergy and the Young Collectors’ Wave

Art Basel Hong Kong 2024 stands out for its vibrant integration with the city’s cultural fabric, offering a dynamic program of events and activations citywide.

This edition notably emphasizes attracting young collectors — a key demographic increasingly wielding considerable influence in the art market.

The fair’s tailored experiences and themes, such as the dialogue between East and West, are designed to resonate with this younger audience, reflecting a broader trend of generational shifts in art collecting​​​.

A Confluence of Art, Film, and Discussion

Beyond the visual spectacles, the fair engages audiences with a rich program of film screenings in collaboration with Nowness Asia and Videotage, alongside a series of discussions to foster deeper connections between art and viewers.

Such initiatives underscore Art Basel Hong Kong’s role as a marketplace and a forum for cultural exchange and intellectual engagement​​.

Experience Art Basel Hong Kong 2024!

Art Basel Hong Kong 2024 invites you to immerse yourself in an expansive world of artistic wonder, where tradition meets innovation and the local scene converges with the global.

Returning to its pre-pandemic scale, this edition promises a multifaceted exploration of contemporary and modern art, offering something for every art lover — from monumental installations to the cutting-edge works of emerging talents.

The fair offers public access to visitors from March 28 to March 30.

Grace Angelique

An accomplished Art News Journalist with a decade of experience, Grace has passionately covered global art events, exhibitions, and emerging trends. With a keen eye for aesthetics and a pulse on the art world's undercurrents, Grace has crafted compelling narratives that bridge art and its societal impacts. Her work has graced major publications, offering readers a fresh perspective on contemporary art and its evolving landscape.

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