Seoul’s Vibrant Art Scene: Must-Visit Exhibitions Beyond Frieze Seoul 2023

Discover the thriving art landscape of Seoul beyond the much-anticipated Frieze Seoul 2023. Explore the top art exhibitions you shouldn’t miss.

Frieze Seoul 2023 is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Seoul's expansive art scene.
White Cube opens a new gallery featuring the works of seven female artists in its inaugural exhibition, "The Embodied Spirit."
Various art spaces like Space K and White Noise are pushing the boundaries of contemporary art, challenging traditional notions of capitalism and identity.

Seoul’s Dynamic Art Landscape: Why Frieze Seoul 2023 Is Just the Beginning

Back for its second year, Frieze Seoul is already creating quite the buzz, but did you know that Seoul’s cultural milieu has way more to offer? With art spaces, museums, and galleries sprouting up across the capital of South Korea, art enthusiasts are in for a treat this year. Sotheby’s is opening its doors in Seoul, and White Cube is inaugurating its new space, ensuring that the city is brimming with artistic ventures you’ll want to bookmark.

“The Embodied Spirit” in Seoul’s Trendy Gangnam District

Joining the international art stage, White Cube is launching its gallery in Seoul’s fashionable Gangnam district this autumn. The inaugural exhibition, “The Embodied Spirit,” is a powerhouse show featuring seven female artists, each with a unique lens. Notable figures include Indonesian artist Christine Ay Tjoe, known for her abstract works, and Marguerite Humeau, whose surreal sculptures made waves at the Venice Biennale last year. Tracey Emin, a name that rings a bell even for the casual art observer, will also showcase her iconic neon light phrases.

The exhibition doesn’t just stop there; it incorporates works across various mediums from artists like Berlinde de Bruyckere and Katharina Fritsch. Louise Giovanelli, a newcomer to White Cube, and Korean artist Jinju Lee round off the list with their thought-provoking pieces that often touch on memory and subconscious thoughts.

Discover the thriving art landscape of Seoul beyond the much-anticipated Frieze Seoul 2023. Explore the top art exhibitions you shouldn’t miss.

Space K Gives Voice to Marginalized Figures with Zadie Xa’s Exhibit

Another spotlight stealer is the Space K exhibition titled “Nine Tailed Tall Tales: Trickster, Mongrel, Beast” by London-based Korean Canadian artist Zadie Xa. Designed as an expansive, site-specific installation, the exhibition features 33 new artworks that revolve around anthromorphised and mythical figures from folklore. Xa embraces and celebrates characters usually seen as “the other,” challenging societal norms through art.

White Noise Puts Capitalism and Communication Under the Lens

Then we have White Noise, a community-driven non-profit space that never shies away from controversy. Their exhibitions during Frieze week will question society’s accepted norms. Artists like Hayne Park and Goyoson bring works that push the boundaries of perception and challenge our conventional views on communication. If you visit their Frieze Seoul booth, you’ll get a look at Rondi Park’s works, which question the role of money and language in art—a pertinent theme that resonates with many today.

Thaddaeus Ropac Expands Seoul Gallery, Showcasing Beuys and Judd

Last but not least, let’s talk about Thaddaeus Ropac’s new exhibition space featuring Joseph Beuys and Donald Judd. Beuys, a German legend in the art world, will be posthumously showcased, thanks to a special collection from his family. On the other floor, American sculptor Donald Judd’s minimalistic 3D works will prompt you to think differently about space. Fun fact: Both artists had significant connections to South Korea, enriching the cultural dialogue even further.

Whether you’re in Seoul for Frieze or just have an appetite for compelling art, there’s a whole palette of exhibitions to explore. So why limit yourself to just one event when Seoul’s art scene is bursting with creative gems?

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