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Rodin exibition

Rodin’s Art Exhibit in Oklahoma City – Last Chance to Explore

Don’t miss out on the final day to immerse yourself in Auguste Rodin’s world of Impressionist sculptures at Oklahoma City Museum of Art. A Journey to Appreciate Auguste Rodin’s Contributions to Art For many local art fans, discovering Auguste Rodin has been an enriching experience. Born in 1840 and active until 1917, Rodin is often called one of the most important artists in the Impressionist movement. For those who have studied or enjoyed art, the path to appreciating Rodin can……

art museum

Art Across America: A Journey Through Museums and Galleries

Explore U.S. art exhibitions this season, showcasing artist influences and societal themes. From New York to Honolulu, discover art that tells a story. New York City: A Hotspot for Diverse Art Forms Henry Taylor: B Side at Whitney Museum of American Art Henry Taylor’s retrospective in New York dives deep into his extensive career. His art often portrays the African American experience, featuring over 130 works ranging from paintings to sculptures. Going Dark: Visibility and Perception at the Guggenheim Museum……

Art News: MoMA adds Viral Digital Art “Unsupervised” by Refik Anadol

MoMA adds cutting-edge digital art by Refik Anadol and Ian Cheng. Discover how ‘Unsupervised’ and ‘3FACE’ are shaping conversations in the art world. MoMA’s New Catch: Refik Anadol’s Digital Art Sensation ‘Unsupervised’ Big news just dropped—The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York has added some fresh and digital spice to its collection. They’ve nabbed not just one but two digital artworks, and one of them is by none other than Refik Anadol.  A Game Changer Called ‘Unsupervised’ So,……


Spooky Art Exhibit – Haunted Milledgeville

Allied Arts is rolling out the cobwebs for its first-ever Haunted Milledgeville exhibit, featuring eerie art, photography, and local haunted histories. Allied Arts Rolls Out “Haunted Milledgeville”  Kristin Allen, who helps run things at Allied Arts, is super pumped for their new Halloween-themed show. This is the first time they’re doing something like this, and it sounds like it’s going to be a real treat! Ghostly Places and Local Lore They’ve been going around town snapping pictures of places that……

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