Genesis Báez in Whitney’s ‘Trust Me’: A Tale of Intimacy and Art

Discover the inspiring story of Genesis Báez, a talented photographer whose work on intimacy and connection has made it to New York’s prestigious Whitney Museum.

Genesis Báez and her best friend Jenny Calivas initially showcased their work in a small Brooklyn studio, which unexpectedly caught the attention of curators from the Whitney Museum.
Báez's art explores complex themes like intimacy, vulnerability, and the sense of belonging, often featuring her own family as subjects.
The Whitney's 'Trust Me' exhibit not only highlights Báez's individual work but also celebrates her long-standing friendship and creative partnership with Calivas.

A Small Show with Big Impact

Genesis Báez and her best friend, Jenny Calivas, are both photographers who recently hosted a small show in Brooklyn. They thought it would be a low-key event, mostly for friends and family. Yet, the exhibit grabbed the attention of Whitney Museum curators, turning their modest event into a life-changing opportunity.

Báez recalls the day the Whitney team visited their studio. “They moved quietly, really looking at our work. I felt honored,” she said. Soon after, they were offered a chance to feature their art in the Whitney’s ‘Trust Me’ exhibit, a show all about human connections and trust.

The Depth Behind the Lens

Báez’s work is more than just pictures; it’s about human stories and connections. She often includes her family, especially the women, in her work. For example, a photo she took in a New Haven restaurant, called “Sound of a Circle,” captures a scene she had been trying to get right for two years. “When the light hit just right, everything fell into place,” Báez explained.

Her art delves into her own life, too, exploring her Puerto Rican roots and how they shape her identity. For Báez, each photograph is a blend of careful planning and happy accidents, making each piece unique and heartfelt.

Beyond the Frame: Friendship and Legacy

But it’s not just about her; it’s also about the people she works with and the friendships she’s built along the way. Jenny Calivas, her best friend and collaborator, has been by her side for over a decade. “Our work is now part of history, side by side in one of New York’s top museums,” Báez noted.

They first met at an art residency, wearing the same shoes and soon realizing they share the same zodiac sign. Their friendship blossomed from there, leading to shared exhibits like the one that landed them in the Whitney. “It’s like we were twins separated at birth,” said Báez.

Their friendship and shared creative vision make the ‘Trust Me’ exhibit even more special. As the Whitney show gains attention, Báez looks forward to sharing her work with her family, especially her mom, who splits her time between Puerto Rico and Massachusetts.

For Báez, the journey is far from over. With upcoming shows and a continually growing body of work, she has much to look forward to. Yet, the ‘Trust Me’ exhibit has already proven to be a milestone, not just for her but for everyone whose lives are touched by her art.

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