Drake’s $1.02M Splurge: Tupac Shakur’s Crown Ring Now in the Rapper’s Hands

Grammy winner Drake purchases Tupac Shakur’s crown ring for a whopping $1.02 million at a Sotheby’s auction, unfolding another chapter of hip-hop history.

Drake buys Tupac Shakur's gold, diamond, and ruby ring for $1.02M at Sotheby's auction, tripling its initial estimate.
The one-of-a-kind ring, custom designed by Tupac, signifies his enduring influence on hip-hop and contemporary culture.
Drake, known for his interest in arts and collectibles, boasts a collection that includes rare items and fine art in his lavish Toronto residence.

Drake’s Diamond Deal: Securing Tupac’s $1.02M Crown Ring at Sotheby’s Auction

Renowned Grammy laureate, business mogul, and connoisseur of the arts, Drake, recently disclosed that he is the new custodian of Tupac Shakur’s historical crown ring. The high-profile auction, hosted by Sotheby’s New York, saw this extraordinary ring studded with gold, diamond, and ruby exchange hands for the impressive sum of $1.02 million, more than tripling its initial high estimate of $300,000.

Drake’s Instagram Reveal Lights Up Social Media

In a characteristic fashion, Drake didn’t keep his fans waiting for long. The identity of the buyer, initially veiled in mystery, was unveiled when Drake gave a sneak peek of the prized possession on his Instagram Stories, immediately setting social media alight. Following this hint, Sotheby’s corroborated the news in a press statement dated July 28.

The Ring: A Symbol of Tupac’s Unyielding Creative Power

A testament to Shakur’s inimitable creative prowess, the ring stands unique in the pantheon of hip-hop artifacts and continues to resonate with contemporary culture. It’s not only a material object but also an emblem of a remarkable time in the artist’s life. As Sotheby’s global head of science and popular culture, Cassandra Hatton, stated in her press release, “This one-of-a-kind, custom ring was meticulously designed by Tupac.”

The ring bears an inscription “Pac & Dada 1996,” alluding to Shakur’s engagement to Kidada Jones, and was made available for auction by Yaasmyn Fula, Shakur’s godmother.

Grammy winner Drake purchases Tupac Shakur’s crown ring for a whopping $1.02 million at a Sotheby’s auction, unfolding another chapter of hip-hop history.

From Medieval Crowns to MTV: The Ring’s Journey

The ring’s design was born out of Shakur’s months of contemplation, inspired by the crowns of medieval European kings, serving as an emblem of Shakur’s triumph over a turbulent year. It made its most memorable appearance during the 1996 MTV Video Music Awards, marking Shakur’s last public appearance before his untimely demise just three days later.

Drake: A Connoisseur of Arts and Collectibles

Drake’s affinity for rare and unique collectibles is well documented. His pursuits range from seeking a LeBron James triple Logoman card for several months to performing at the 2017 Art Basel Miami Beach. His $100 million investment in reviving the avant-garde carnival Luna Luna stands testimony to his passion for art.

The Architectural Digest, in their 2020 profile of Drake’s luxurious 50,000-square-foot Toronto mansion, revealed his collection of fine art, including two sculptures by KAWS, a custom Bösendorfer concert grand piano, and a dazzling rendition of Lobmeyr’s iconic Metropolitan chandelier.

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