Islandia Village Approves $200 Million Expansion for Jake’s 58 Casino Hotel

Explore the Village of Islandia greenlights a $200M expansion for Jake’s 58 Casino Hotel, paving the way for more video lottery terminals and enhanced amenities.

Village of Islandia Unanimously Approves $200 Million Expansion for Jake's 58 Casino Hotel, reflecting a significant investment in the community.
Video Lottery Terminal Capacity to Increase by 50% to a total of 2,000 terminals, as part of this extensive expansion plan.
Renovations and Upgrades set to enhance hotel rooms, parking facilities, and guest amenities, with groundbreaking expected in October 2023.

Islandia Village Approves Expansion for Jake’s 58 Casino Hotel

The future is bright and bustling for Jake’s 58 Casino Hotel, located at 3635 Express Dr North in Islandia. The Village of Islandia has put its stamp of approval on a substantial $200 million expansion of the facility, signaling confidence in the establishment and the value it brings to the local community.

Suffolk OTB Sees Bright Future for Jake’s 58

As part of this expansion, Suffolk Regional OTB, the casino’s proprietor, will supercharge its video lottery terminal capacity by 50%. This means the number of these terminals will rise to an impressive 2,000, increasing potential revenue and entertainment options for patrons.

Phil Boyle, President and CEO of Suffolk OTB, was full of gratitude and optimism following the unanimous vote of support from Mayor Allan Dorman and the Village Board. “Suffolk OTB’s journey from bankruptcy to evolving into a billion-dollar company correlates with the robust support we’ve received from the Village of Islandia, Mayor Dorman, and the local residents,” Boyle warmly commented. “I am overjoyed for the Village, our dedicated current and future workforce, and Suffolk’s taxpayers. They are the ones who will reap the significant benefits from this decision for years to come,” he continued.

Explore the Village of Islandia greenlights a $200M expansion for Jake’s 58 Casino Hotel, paving the way for more video lottery terminals and enhanced amenities.

A New Chapter Begins: Expansions and Renovations

The comprehensive plan does not stop at lottery terminals. The 200 million dollars are also earmarked to rejuvenate the hotel’s rooms, giving them a fresh, modern appeal. Parking facilities are set to grow substantially, alleviating any stress for visitors who drive to the venue. Moreover, guests will be treated to upgraded services and a wealth of new amenities.

James LaCarrubba, Vice President and COO for Suffolk OTB, echoed Boyle’s sentiments, stating, “Jake’s 58 will finally unveil its full potential as a premier regional entertainment destination, thanks to yesterday’s vote. We deeply appreciate the Board’s trust in Jake’s 58 and its management, and we are committed to remaining responsible neighbors, acting for the public’s benefit.”

Timelines and Public Engagement

According to Suffolk OTB’s timeline, the ground-breaking ceremony for the casino’s expansion is slated for October 2023. Hotel renovations are set to kick off in the fourth quarter of 2023. The public can anticipate the grand unveiling of the expanded casino floor in late 2025, with additional amenities projected to follow in 2026.

While ambitious, these plans signify the belief of both Suffolk OTB and the Islandia Village government in Jake’s 58’s capacity to be more than just a casino. They envision it as a vibrant, economic stimulant for the entire region, a destination for entertainment, hospitality, and community engagement.

The Islandia community and prospective visitors are waiting with bated breath, keen to see how Jake’s 58 Casino Hotel will transform and continue to be a shining star in the Long Island region.

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