NBA 2K24’s Install Size Surpasses Starfield: A New Era in Gaming Storage

NBA 2K24 requires a staggering 161 GB on Xbox Series X|S, outpacing Starfield’s 140 GB. What does this trend mean for the storage needs of future games?

NBA 2K24's install size is a massive 161 GB, even larger than the expansive galaxy game Starfield at 140 GB.
The new game continues a trend of ballooning install sizes, making storage a key concern for gamers.
Compared to other sports games like FIFA 24 and Madden 24, NBA 2K24's storage needs are significantly higher.

The New Norm: Skyrocketing Install Sizes in Gaming

NBA 2K24 is dropping this week on the 8th, and get this: it’s asking for a monumental 161 GB on your Xbox Series X|S. Yeah, that’s not a typo; it’s actually larger than Starfield, the game that lets you explore over a thousand planets in an expansive universe. This is no small feat, especially when you consider that the Starfield game itself requires a generous 140 GB of free storage for its early access version. And let’s not forget the day one patches that come with most games these days; those will eat up even more space.

NBA 2K24 requires a staggering 161 GB on Xbox Series X|S, outpacing Starfield’s 140 GB. What does this trend mean for the storage needs of future games?

Sports Games Vs. Universe-Exploring Epics: A Storage Comparison

It’s really worth pausing for a moment to ask—why does NBA 2K24, a game centered around basketball, demand such a massive footprint? Let’s put this into context by looking at other sports games’ install sizes on Xbox Series X|S:

  • FIFA 24: 55 GB
  • Madden 24: 39 GB
  • NHL 23: 37 GB
  • WWE 2K23: 60 GB

Even the most demanding of these games, WWE 2K23, is a full 100 GB smaller than NBA 2K24! It’s not just a question of having the space needed for NBA 2K24—it’s a question of what this trend means for the future of gaming storage.

The Ever-Growing Struggle for Storage Space

If you’re like most gamers, you’ve been grappling with storage issues for a while. Remember the days when Call of Duty Warzone on PC required you to free up over 175 GB of storage just for a single map? Storage demands are spiraling out of control, and this new installment in the NBA 2K series is a testament to that.

So, whether you’re a basketball fanatic or a cosmic explorer in Starfield, make room—literally. It looks like our games are demanding more digital real estate than ever, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down.

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