Luna Luna: A Rebirth of the World’s First Art Amusement Park

Discover the story of Luna Luna, the world’s first art amusement park, originally created in 1987 by André Heller and now resurrected in Los Angeles with help from Drake and DreamCrew.

Luna Luna, originally conceived in the 1980s by André Heller, has been reborn in Los Angeles, featuring works from legendary artists like Keith Haring and Salvador Dalí.
The park, once lost to history, was rediscovered and revived through the efforts of Michael Goldberg and the investment of Drake and Dreamcrew, totaling around $100 million.
While some original rides are too delicate for use, visitors can still experience new attractions and a blend of art and amusement, celebrating the cross-generational and interdisciplinary nature of the exhibit.

The Original Vision of Luna Luna

In the 1970s, André Heller embarked on a unique journey to blend art and amusement, culminating in the creation of Luna Luna in Hamburg, Germany. This park, opened in 1987, was not just a gallery but an interactive canvas, where visitors could engage with the works of renowned artists like Keith Haring, Salvador Dalí, and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Haring designed a carousel, Dalí created a mirrored funhouse, and Basquiat painted a Ferris wheel, among other contributions.

The Revival of a Lost Artistic World

The turn of fate for Luna Luna came when Michael Goldberg, a New York creative director, stumbled upon the park’s story. His fascination led to a direct connection with Heller and a shared vision to revive Luna Luna. This dream was further realized with the involvement of Canadian rap star Drake and his company Dreamcrew, who invested approximately $100 million, to resurrect this historical project. Their combined efforts brought Luna Luna back to life, with the unboxing of its art treasures in Los Angeles in January 2022.

Blending Artistic Generations and Styles

Lumi Tan, the project’s curatorial director, highlights the significance of Luna Luna in bridging generational and stylistic gaps in the art world. The park featured works from both pop art pioneers like Roy Lichtenstein and younger artists of the time, creating a unique confluence of styles and perspectives.

Luna Luna Today: A New Chapter

The new Luna Luna, set to open in Los Angeles and run through spring 2024, will not only showcase historic installations but also offer new rides and live entertainment. While respecting the fragility of the original art pieces, the park aims to evoke the same magical and immersive experience that Heller envisioned, adapting it for a modern audience.


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The Deeper Message of Luna Luna

Beyond being an art exhibit, Luna Luna holds historical and cultural significance. Originally located on a site with ties to World War II and the Holocaust, Heller’s project was a statement against discrimination and antisemitism. The park’s revival continues this legacy, blending fun with a deeper message of tolerance and understanding.

André Heller expressed his joy at seeing his vision come back to life, emphasizing the importance of freeing these art pieces from their long ‘imprisonment’ in storage. As Luna Luna reopens its doors, it not only celebrates the artistic genius of the past but also opens a dialogue about the role of art in society and history.

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