Thanksgiving Getaways: Luxe Hotel Feasts & Fun

Discover stress-free thanksgiving celebrations in hotels across the USA, offering feasts, parades, and family fun. Secure your spot for a holiday to remember!

Indulge in thanksgiving without the hassle at luxurious hotels offering feasts and festivities.
Experience unique thanksgiving traditions, from turkey trots to holiday parades, at iconic resorts.
Book your stay early to enjoy a stress-free holiday with family-friendly activities and gourmet meals.

Indulge in a Thanksgiving Feast without the Fuss

From the hills of Pennsylvania to the sunny coasts of California, these five hotels present a Thanksgiving holiday minus the preparation stress. Swap your kitchen duties for a range of activities, from turkey trots to holiday-themed spa treatments.

In Pennsylvania’s Rolling Hills: The Nemacolin Experience

High atop the scenic vistas of southwestern Pennsylvania, the Nemacolin resort is a haven for holidaymakers seeking the charm of ice-skating, golf, horseback riding, and a lavish Thanksgiving feast that sings praises to the traditional turkey, all wrapped in the luxury of their newly unveiled Grand Lodge.

Virginia’s Mountain Retreat: Omni Homestead’s Grandeur

Amid the Allegheny Mountains, the Omni Homestead Resort stands out with its presidential history and fresh renovation. Here, you can immerse yourself in outdoor adventures or relax in historic hot springs, all while anticipating a Thanksgiving dinner where the turkey and trimmings are the stars of the show.

A Thanksgiving Holiday with a View

California’s Coastal Icon: Hotel del Coronado’s Holiday Sparkle

On the edge of the Pacific, Hotel del Coronado invites guests to a historic holiday with modern twists. Revel in beachfront ice skating or indulge in a Thanksgiving buffet that promises a culinary journey for every taste, accompanied by champagne and ocean views.

New York’s Parade Front Row: New York Hilton Midtown

In the heart of Manhattan, the New York Hilton Midtown offers a front-row seat to the iconic Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Enjoy the procession from the comfort of your room or venture out to nearby attractions before returning for a sumptuous Thanksgiving meal.

Orlando’s Magical Thanksgiving: Waldorf Astoria’s Disney Proximity

Combine the magic of Disney with the luxury of the Waldorf Astoria in Orlando. Finish your day at the theme parks with a gourmet Thanksgiving dinner at the hotel’s signature restaurant, or choose a quiet night with room service, ensuring a holiday filled with enchantment and ease.

Whether you’re craving a traditional Thanksgiving dinner surrounded by the grandeur of history, or seeking a festive holiday with beachside ice skating or parade views, these hotels across the United States are ready to cater to your every need, making this Thanksgiving one to remember without the usual toil. Remember to book your spot soon, as these sought-after experiences are filling up quickly.

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